Littlewoods Christmas Advert 2016 – The Christmas Walk 40"

Oh woowww!! Littlewoods have finally got rid of Myleen Klass! Yeeeessss!!! Was getting a little bored of her in the Christmas ads to be honest. :p
I’m actually quite surprised by Littlewoods effort in this fairly simple but effective advert. I’ve become a Christmas advert snob but I actually like this. Puff. 
Some powerful music, a family who show off their purchases and gifts, walk down the street then boof, they bump into another family from around the corner in which they start using a silence section in the music (like what they did in the John Lewis ad)… Then the families carry on, on their way to wherever they’re supposed to be going.
Did the other family also purchase their gifts from Littlewoods?

The only part I didn’t like about the ad was the stereotypical part showing a black girl and a black man just staring at the white family. ¬_¬” 

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