International Christmas Adverts 2016 (Part 2)

Last post of the year and continuation of the International Christmas adverts.

It’s spectacular to see funny adverts from around the world. ^_^ I’m pretty sure these ads have taken in the British take but added their own twists. I only found a few this time round like last year. 😦

Australia: ALDI Australia – Nothing Beats the Perfect Aussie Christmas

LOL! I’ve realised that Australians are just plain crazy. It’s the sunny sun sun that they get.  (I’m speaking the truth, they are crazy peeps!). The Australians have taken on their American cousins (or maybe German, since ALDI is German), this American family are on a mission to make the Australians a bit more Christmasy… will it work? 
U.S.A.: Macy’s #OldFriends

Hm, hm, naaah… I’m still struggling with Macy’s efforts to make a Christmas advert. Seriously, the ad started out ok… then when it got to the end when Santa The Air Balloon tried to find his “Old Friend”, all he got was a lame not from the old man… not even a smile! What has this got to do with Macy’s anyway?! 

Spain: Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2016
Wooow. The Spanish Lottery advert always is my favourite! Awwww, I really like this storyline, an old lady thinks she won the lottery… but in the end I think she was trying to get the town together before Christmas to  enjoy life before things got boring in their small town. Nice advert!

Taiwan: 這個聖誕,願望成真 | SK-II #changedestiny

Wow. The Taiwanese are really good at bring out their emotional side. To think a little boy would do extra chores to get extra money to buy a Christmas present… but the present wasn’t for himself, it was for his mother. Sweet!

#Zeitschenken – EDEKA Weihnachtswerbung

You know parents need to look at their children as a helping hand rather than being a nuisance… I think I’m going to have to teach Baby B in the future to help clean up. ^_^

REWE TV-Spot – Weihnachten wird ein Fest

This is a funny German ad! Are you afraid of your mother-in-law? Well it seems this lady was but wasn’t in the end after she whizzed up a great meal. Phew!
Japan: “PlayStation Vita” CM「子ども先生」篇 Webスペシャルバージョン
A kid controlling a bunch of Santas? ¬_¬” What is PlayStation up to? Not sure about this ad but it looks like they’re trying to make win-win situation here! LOL!

Korea:  던킨도너츠(DUNKIN DONUTS X CRAFTHOLIC) 2016 크리스마스 광고
I want a Dunkin Donut!! Looks like Santa was trying to deliver to two workaholics…

배스킨라빈스, 크리스마스니까 욕심내자! (안돼요 15″)
Baskin Robins appears again on my posts… cute… that’s all I can say for this ad….

Slovakia: Here’s some Slovakian Christmas ads, they’re pretty caring about family life and being friendly towards the community…

Santa Clara – Lidl

Tesco Kúzlo Vianoc 2016

Milka kúzlo Vianoc každý deň 2016

Spain:  Juntemos las mesas – Anuncio Pescanova

And finally we have another Spanish ad from a fishing company… share your seafood, get the family together, don’t separate the children with the adults at dinner…! 
So we end with another year of Christmas ads. ^_^

It’s a Happy New Year from this Geek, The Geek and the geek from a simple geeky life! I really do have a geeky life. LOL! Have a good one tonight everyone!!! ^_^

International Christmas Adverts 2016 – IKEA (Part 1)

Everyone had a nice break? I did… no work for 4 days after a week back is kind of relaxing… Just have to deal with everything tomorrow…
So I’m back from my holiday (and needed these 4 days to sleep to recover from work and having no sleep in HK)! Woohoo. So before I start posting about my Hong Kong trip, we’re going to step into the Christmas adverts from around the world for 2016.
I thought I would start off with IKEA first. Everyone loves IKEA… However I’m not sure if we’re actually seeing much for Christmas because I could only find a few. 😦
UK – Welcome Home – TV Advert 60” #WonderfulEveryday
Not sure if this is the actual Christmas ad, but we’ll just say it is… Looks like they filmed in South London. I recognise those council estate like buildings from somewhere. The mother is a nurse and the son cares for her safety return at night. So the son borrows (I hope) lamps from all over just to light up the path his mother takes… Well whoever pays the electricity bill better hope it’s a light bill. >_<"

Taiwan – 比手機重要的事 (Seize the Moments)

In this ad, I also think it’s not a Christmas one, but we’ll just say it is – plus it’s got Chinese and English subs! We follow some kids from all over Taiwan in a movie advert setting. Kids telling their stories of their childhood… you can see all the IKEA furniture in this one… Then the last scene is the funny part when a little girl drops her cup – I presume to give to her parents…

USA – The Dream

Probably not a Christmas one either… Quite a plain ad of families showing off their IKEA homes… Blah.

Italy – Sorprenditi Ogni Giorno. Anche a Natale. (Every Day surprise yourself. Even at Christmas.)

Aha! We finally get to see the Italians make a Christmas ad! It’s all Christmasy with lots of families, even the sexy Santa makes an effort. ^_^ The last seen has to be the killer… Decorating a Christmas tree with silver spoons? >_<"""

Germany – Gute Aussichten für Weihnachten (Good prospects for Christmas)
¬_¬” I’m not sure what to make of this German IKEA ad… Well the parents are decorating their home when the mother makes a remark of something. The son finds it amusing and then makes a mockery of their parents… Hmmmm… Boys will be boys? I think I need to start learning German!!

Switzerland – No Empty Chairs at Christmas
Here we see a lonely man watching TV by himself, he then switches his TV off as he listens to his neighbours sing togther, the man joins in from his living room and then starts singing loudly… LOL! The doorbell rings. Who could that be? It’s his neighbours who invite him over for dinner. A typical storyline… Not that original.

Sweden – Tupplur (Napping)

A little boy thinks Santa is sleeping on his couch! Not sure if that’s Santa kiddo but your granddad who looks like Santa… ¬_¬

Skridskor (Skates)

Never. Ever. Let your kids put on skates in the house when you have wooden floors… Consequences of going though the presents early!

Russia – Новогодний ролик ИКЕА (New IKEA roller)

And finally we have the Russians! How often do you have unexpected guests turn up for the Christmas dinner (none for me) but I’m sure if you have a massive family, it’s expected to have lots of dining space! ^_^

Now that’s IKEA done!! Phew. I guess I have to find more ads…

Poundland Christmas Advert 2016 – AMAZING!

LOL! My my, the retailers are stepping up their games with Christmas! 
Even Poundland are giving it a go. In this day and age we all shop for cheap things. Why? Because everything is expensive!
We see a person going around the public in a typical high street asking shoppers how much do they think certain products are… People are guessing £10 for items!! BUT. They are actually £1 items. HAHAHAH. I’m a cheapskate. So I’m always happy to shop in Poundland.

A nice try from Poundland.

McDonald’s Christmas Advert 2016 – The Doll

Classic toy story!
Miss Pinky and Mr Picky didn’t like this ad, but I actually liked it! A doll is put in the window, lots of toys are bought but she seems to be left behind. McDonald’s is just opposite and she sees a lot of kids, couples and families go in and out and eating their lives away with McDonald’s food…. 
Well it’s almost Christmas Day, and no one has bought her, so Juliette the doll escapes from the toy store, runs into McDonald’s and tries to find a suitable family to go to… She sees a Buzz Lightning lookalike – not sure what type of electronic male toy it is but she seemed tempted by his charming good looks… Think she slipped into the bag and then waves goodbye to the shopkeeper as she leaves to her new home.

Pretty ad. Mixture of humans and animation.

Heathrow Airport Christmas Advert 2016 – Coming Home for Christmas

Sweet. Ok, Heathrow… Not sure why Heathrow have decided to do an ad… Maybe they’re copying the Canadian Airline. Uh hm.
Anyway, we see two elderly teddy bears just arriving at Heathrow… Customer service seems like the most important thing that they’re pointing out here… Are we always happy with plane service? Well I’m not always happy. Something is always forgotten. They show us the typical arrival situation, pass the border, get your luggage and find your family.

A very sweet ad. Almost got me teary. ^_^

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert 2016 -The Greatest Gift

Lovely, but I wonder how much was spent making these adverts.
Filled with animation we see a white and black couple (methinks they were previously divorced and remarried to each other – that’s just a typical family situation I’ve seen many times in real life) who try to get as much time together as possible. It’s impossible with a working father and a mother who is busy with the two kids… But the father thought of the possibility of creating toys with his face so that his family and friends won’t miss him too much. Creating multiples of himself!! ¬_¬””
Well storyline is ok showing the world of the typical situation with a snowflake on the train tracks can cause major chaos to the trains. Song is brilliant though! Not sure why all the women have big hips. :p

Here’s a shorter ad of the food… I think they could have just left it with this ad instead of doing their long 3 minute version. Oh well… They have money it seems.

I like it, but not sure about the big hipped women!!

Waitrose Christmas Advert 2016 – #HomeForChristmas

Meh. I don’t why everyone is thinking this is a better Christmas advert than the John Lewis and M&S ones. 
We watch a robin migrate from the north to the south. We see how they travel, escape from enemies and try to survive the rough sea…. just to eat a mince pie left out by a girl (who I think was one of the previous Waitrose ads – if I’m not mistaken).
As much as I like wildlife, it hasn’t given me that Waitrose feeling that they had given in their previous ad.
Hasn’t beaten my fave M&S!

M&S 2016 Christmas Ad – Christmas with love from Mrs Claus #LoveMrsClaus

Lovely! This has been my favourite Christmas advert so far! Even better than the John Lewis one!!
Santa Claus goes on his usual road trip leaving Mrs Claus alone.
A letter is written to the Mrs rather than the Mr, heheh, and so she sets off on her mission via helicopter to help the little boy cheer up her sister… Found it quite emotional with this story. Brother and Sisterly love. ^_^

Rather liked this one… guessing all the food and presents are available at M&S…

Harvey Nichols Christmas Advert 2016 – Britalia

¬_¬” Someone slap my forehead please. *SLAP*
Harvey Nichols opt for the typical furious Italian family. And they aren’t happy that Mr Nichols has stolen everything from them…
It’s all in English subs… Found this like a bit of a joke. Miss Vegan had decided that there are two types of Italians we work with. On one end they are prima donnas. On the other they are the kindest people on Earth. How lucky are we?! :p In this case the ads show the prima donnas. The snobby rich who want to seek revenge on the British retailer. ^_^

It’s a so-so ad. Not the funniest or greatest Christmas ad but do we want all the Italian products? Gosh I sound like a Brexit person. :p … why not the French or German stuff??

Toys R Us Christmas Advert 2016 – It’s a Magical Place Children’s Choir!

The Geek is off for two weeks on holiday… will try and blog whilst on holiday, but unlikely gonna happen. :p
Uh oh. I think this is the most disappointing Christmas advert I have seen so far.
Toys R Us opt for a school class to sing their classic Toys R Us song… but what they lacked in this advert were the ethnic minorities. ¬_¬” Am I just being a typical Asian woman who thinks about diversity? Probably yes.
Sorry kids… adult being mean here!

This Christmas ad is not in my good book of adverts.