Harvey Nichols Christmas Advert 2016 – Britalia

¬_¬” Someone slap my forehead please. *SLAP*
Harvey Nichols opt for the typical furious Italian family. And they aren’t happy that Mr Nichols has stolen everything from them…
It’s all in English subs… Found this like a bit of a joke. Miss Vegan had decided that there are two types of Italians we work with. On one end they are prima donnas. On the other they are the kindest people on Earth. How lucky are we?! :p In this case the ads show the prima donnas. The snobby rich who want to seek revenge on the British retailer. ^_^

It’s a so-so ad. Not the funniest or greatest Christmas ad but do we want all the Italian products? Gosh I sound like a Brexit person. :p … why not the French or German stuff??