Sainsbury’s Christmas advert 2016 -The Greatest Gift

Lovely, but I wonder how much was spent making these adverts.
Filled with animation we see a white and black couple (methinks they were previously divorced and remarried to each other – that’s just a typical family situation I’ve seen many times in real life) who try to get as much time together as possible. It’s impossible with a working father and a mother who is busy with the two kids… But the father thought of the possibility of creating toys with his face so that his family and friends won’t miss him too much. Creating multiples of himself!! ¬_¬””
Well storyline is ok showing the world of the typical situation with a snowflake on the train tracks can cause major chaos to the trains. Song is brilliant though! Not sure why all the women have big hips. :p

Here’s a shorter ad of the food… I think they could have just left it with this ad instead of doing their long 3 minute version. Oh well… They have money it seems.

I like it, but not sure about the big hipped women!!

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