McDonald’s Christmas Advert 2016 – The Doll

Classic toy story!
Miss Pinky and Mr Picky didn’t like this ad, but I actually liked it! A doll is put in the window, lots of toys are bought but she seems to be left behind. McDonald’s is just opposite and she sees a lot of kids, couples and families go in and out and eating their lives away with McDonald’s food…. 
Well it’s almost Christmas Day, and no one has bought her, so Juliette the doll escapes from the toy store, runs into McDonald’s and tries to find a suitable family to go to… She sees a Buzz Lightning lookalike – not sure what type of electronic male toy it is but she seemed tempted by his charming good looks… Think she slipped into the bag and then waves goodbye to the shopkeeper as she leaves to her new home.

Pretty ad. Mixture of humans and animation.