International Christmas Adverts 2016 – IKEA (Part 1)

Everyone had a nice break? I did… no work for 4 days after a week back is kind of relaxing… Just have to deal with everything tomorrow…
So I’m back from my holiday (and needed these 4 days to sleep to recover from work and having no sleep in HK)! Woohoo. So before I start posting about my Hong Kong trip, we’re going to step into the Christmas adverts from around the world for 2016.
I thought I would start off with IKEA first. Everyone loves IKEA… However I’m not sure if we’re actually seeing much for Christmas because I could only find a few. 😦
UK – Welcome Home – TV Advert 60” #WonderfulEveryday
Not sure if this is the actual Christmas ad, but we’ll just say it is… Looks like they filmed in South London. I recognise those council estate like buildings from somewhere. The mother is a nurse and the son cares for her safety return at night. So the son borrows (I hope) lamps from all over just to light up the path his mother takes… Well whoever pays the electricity bill better hope it’s a light bill. >_<"

Taiwan – 比手機重要的事 (Seize the Moments)

In this ad, I also think it’s not a Christmas one, but we’ll just say it is – plus it’s got Chinese and English subs! We follow some kids from all over Taiwan in a movie advert setting. Kids telling their stories of their childhood… you can see all the IKEA furniture in this one… Then the last scene is the funny part when a little girl drops her cup – I presume to give to her parents…

USA – The Dream

Probably not a Christmas one either… Quite a plain ad of families showing off their IKEA homes… Blah.

Italy – Sorprenditi Ogni Giorno. Anche a Natale. (Every Day surprise yourself. Even at Christmas.)

Aha! We finally get to see the Italians make a Christmas ad! It’s all Christmasy with lots of families, even the sexy Santa makes an effort. ^_^ The last seen has to be the killer… Decorating a Christmas tree with silver spoons? >_<"""

Germany – Gute Aussichten für Weihnachten (Good prospects for Christmas)
¬_¬” I’m not sure what to make of this German IKEA ad… Well the parents are decorating their home when the mother makes a remark of something. The son finds it amusing and then makes a mockery of their parents… Hmmmm… Boys will be boys? I think I need to start learning German!!

Switzerland – No Empty Chairs at Christmas
Here we see a lonely man watching TV by himself, he then switches his TV off as he listens to his neighbours sing togther, the man joins in from his living room and then starts singing loudly… LOL! The doorbell rings. Who could that be? It’s his neighbours who invite him over for dinner. A typical storyline… Not that original.

Sweden – Tupplur (Napping)

A little boy thinks Santa is sleeping on his couch! Not sure if that’s Santa kiddo but your granddad who looks like Santa… ¬_¬

Skridskor (Skates)

Never. Ever. Let your kids put on skates in the house when you have wooden floors… Consequences of going though the presents early!

Russia – Новогодний ролик ИКЕА (New IKEA roller)

And finally we have the Russians! How often do you have unexpected guests turn up for the Christmas dinner (none for me) but I’m sure if you have a massive family, it’s expected to have lots of dining space! ^_^

Now that’s IKEA done!! Phew. I guess I have to find more ads…

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