International Christmas Adverts 2016 (Part 2)

Last post of the year and continuation of the International Christmas adverts.

It’s spectacular to see funny adverts from around the world. ^_^ I’m pretty sure these ads have taken in the British take but added their own twists. I only found a few this time round like last year. 😦

Australia: ALDI Australia – Nothing Beats the Perfect Aussie Christmas

LOL! I’ve realised that Australians are just plain crazy. It’s the sunny sun sun that they get.  (I’m speaking the truth, they are crazy peeps!). The Australians have taken on their American cousins (or maybe German, since ALDI is German), this American family are on a mission to make the Australians a bit more Christmasy… will it work? 
U.S.A.: Macy’s #OldFriends

Hm, hm, naaah… I’m still struggling with Macy’s efforts to make a Christmas advert. Seriously, the ad started out ok… then when it got to the end when Santa The Air Balloon tried to find his “Old Friend”, all he got was a lame not from the old man… not even a smile! What has this got to do with Macy’s anyway?! 

Spain: Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2016
Wooow. The Spanish Lottery advert always is my favourite! Awwww, I really like this storyline, an old lady thinks she won the lottery… but in the end I think she was trying to get the town together before Christmas to  enjoy life before things got boring in their small town. Nice advert!

Taiwan: 這個聖誕,願望成真 | SK-II #changedestiny

Wow. The Taiwanese are really good at bring out their emotional side. To think a little boy would do extra chores to get extra money to buy a Christmas present… but the present wasn’t for himself, it was for his mother. Sweet!

#Zeitschenken – EDEKA Weihnachtswerbung

You know parents need to look at their children as a helping hand rather than being a nuisance… I think I’m going to have to teach Baby B in the future to help clean up. ^_^

REWE TV-Spot – Weihnachten wird ein Fest

This is a funny German ad! Are you afraid of your mother-in-law? Well it seems this lady was but wasn’t in the end after she whizzed up a great meal. Phew!
Japan: “PlayStation Vita” CM「子ども先生」篇 Webスペシャルバージョン
A kid controlling a bunch of Santas? ¬_¬” What is PlayStation up to? Not sure about this ad but it looks like they’re trying to make win-win situation here! LOL!

Korea:  던킨도너츠(DUNKIN DONUTS X CRAFTHOLIC) 2016 크리스마스 광고
I want a Dunkin Donut!! Looks like Santa was trying to deliver to two workaholics…

배스킨라빈스, 크리스마스니까 욕심내자! (안돼요 15″)
Baskin Robins appears again on my posts… cute… that’s all I can say for this ad….

Slovakia: Here’s some Slovakian Christmas ads, they’re pretty caring about family life and being friendly towards the community…

Santa Clara – Lidl

Tesco Kúzlo Vianoc 2016

Milka kúzlo Vianoc každý deň 2016

Spain:  Juntemos las mesas – Anuncio Pescanova

And finally we have another Spanish ad from a fishing company… share your seafood, get the family together, don’t separate the children with the adults at dinner…! 
So we end with another year of Christmas ads. ^_^

It’s a Happy New Year from this Geek, The Geek and the geek from a simple geeky life! I really do have a geeky life. LOL! Have a good one tonight everyone!!! ^_^

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