Crochet Earrings and Fingerless Gloves

Happy New Year!! Was going to go out and catch some Pokémon but decided to stay and clear up some old posts since it’s raining, (as well as crochet more of my t-shirt yarn, which is quickly finishing after two days of receiving it). ^_^
I was running out of Christmas present ideas and decided to look online to see what people would make by crocheting. I saw some pictures online of crochet earrings and made these for The Travels family in France… I really hope they liked them. I bought the earring loops from eBay and the yarn is leftover yarn and yarn I haven’t used yet.
I made Mr Travels a tie, but forgot to take a picture!
Ms Vegan has been waiting a very long time for me to make her these fingerless cotton gloves… they were too big for her so I had to amend them. Her hands and arms are really skinny. I just have to remember she has kids hands. >_<"" I kind of followed a YouTube video for this but went off tangent and did my own thing by adding a few more rows here and there.
I made myself some too using leftover yarn which I had used to make my hat. I also had to amend these too to make it tighter! Think I have to use the remainder to make a scarf!
Need to plan ahead for this year’s Christmas (already?!), but I think I know what to make a few people. 🙂

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