3D Origami: "Mrs Minion"

Yes I know female Minions do not exist! But how do they produce… Ewwww… Mysteriioooous. LOL!

So I made this for one of my favourite colleagues who has left us for the year and hopefully will come back to work with us at the end of the year (but he might change his mind). This was his going away present for him and his wife, so I hope the pieces make it to their new home abroad on the beach somewhere or in his new office. ^_^

Miss Vegan suggested I make a pink Minion for the Mrs, and thankfully I had some hot pink paper pieces. Heheheh.

Come back my colleague!! T_T All seems to be going downhill at the moment… SOB.

Going to try and make more 3D origami pieces this year. Need to use up my paper!!

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