Hong Kong 2016 Day 1: Flight

It’s been 3 years since my last visit to Hong Kong. And this year it was time to take a break with Mr Stingy and MummyGeek just before Christmas coz I hadn’t done any Christmas shopping or whatsoever. ¬_¬” DaddyChef stayed home. ^_^

I pre-booked my flight in August just before the Summer Bank Holiday – was quite thankful that the tickets were quite cheap on Expedia at the time I booked because I even pre-booked seats, the expensive ones for stretching out our legs (wrong idea to have done that really).

Saturday 3rd December 2016

So Saturday started off early in the morning with me doing some last minute shopping and packing before our flight that night. Desperately needed a shade of blue wool to crochet on the plane for a bit (it was a scarf for Mr Picky. I was lazy to start with Christmas presents last year).
Managed to finish packing and also take a picture of the sunset in London…

It was time to leave around 4.30 pm. I pre-booked a taxi using the Addison Lee phone app. Miss Vegan suggested this company as they were more reliable than Uber… I think Uber might be too scary. Anyway he did arrive just on time, but I got a text to say he was late… weird! ¬_¬”” That trip cost us around £40 with a discount code for 3 people and luggage.
Managed to get a picture of the moon and I think Venus was out at that time but don’t think you can see it in this pic.

Got to Heathrow Terminal 3 around 6pm. Tipped the driver with £2 but he had parked in an awkward place. Uh oh. I needed the loo desperately at this point, I think I had drank too much coffee!!! ¬_¬” SIGH.
We then went to check in our luggage in the Virgin Atlantic section… I thankfully checked in on the app with all the passport details and other things etc., etc… We had a nice person attending to us, she probably thought we were an amusing brother and sister deciding which luggage was the heaviest and what was loaded in my suitcase… Mine was the heaviest for sure, and so that had to go on the belt first. It was loaded with biscuits, sweets, teabags and other silly things for our families back home. MummyGeek bought so much! Grrrrrr… The lightest suitcase was MummyGeek’s. No fair mother!! The person at the desk also said they’ll be no kids surrounding us, so we were overjoyed…
After checking in, it was time for the security section. One of the boring parts… thankfully I was wearing no metals on me but for the first time Mr Stingy had the bells ringing on him. It was his shoes (and he was wearing old socks with holes ¬_¬ … oh big brother, what is he thinking ,,, ).
We had around 2 hours to explore and look for food and buy anything that we needed, like water. I know I complained about Yo Sushi! in Heathrow Terminal 3 sucks last time, but MummyGeek and I still bought our food from there… Unfortunately it still sucks. I don’t understand, why did they use sushi rice with vinegar, and then added the chicken katsu on top of this?! Ugh!! A bit of cooking and tasting skills needed here.

It was finally time to find our gate after 8pm… it was a bit of a walk but not that much. MummyGeek survived with her bad knees.
Flight was uneventful apart for a wrong dish which was added onto the flight. Bangers and Mash. When it should have been a pork or beef dish. I forgot. But I think I got something bland. Breakfast seemed to smell horribly wrong for me so I didn’t have much. I wonder if caterers give us horrible food on purpose. 
The plane Boeing Dreamliner is actually a rubbish plane. Not sure why Richard Branson bought these. They are rubbish for economy flights compared to my last flight with Cathay Pacific. The toilet situation is really bad too. You have two toilets on each side, unfortunately if two of the toilets are occupied you can’t skip to the other two toilets which are free. I prefer the toilets that you could use at the back of the plane, even if it meant disturbing the stewards/stewardesses. The toilet facing backwards was horrible! The top flap kept falling to my back… ewwwwww… Hygiene people, HYGIENE!!
And since I had booked seats with more leg room, it didn’t feel any different than any other economy seat in terms of the width size seat… HORRIBLE! 
Plus there was a kid in front of us!!!! He was a fussy kid who wouldn’t let any adult rest. 😦 The person at the desk lied to us.
I had zero sleep on that flight, even House of Cards Season 4 couldn’t make me go to sleep. :p

End of Day 1.

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