Hong Kong 2016 Day 2: Landed

Sunday 4th December 2016

Swiftly moving onto Day 2! We landed on time. I cannot fault Virgin Atlantic for making us arrive on time. 
Then out we go, off the flight, onto a train connecting us to Terminal 1, pass immigration, got our luggage then it was time to get our Octopus cards re-activated. The girl who attended to us said we didn’t needed to get our Octopus cards updated (but we did!). If you have a really old gold coloured Octopus card, make sure you get this changed. You can do this in any Metro station. There’s a white machine for you to do this.
Now off to find our bus stop. The A41 bus that takes us to our usual hotel… Regal Riverside Hotel in Shatin, New Territories. It’s more convenient to stay in a hotel than with family… I’m serious. We were very lucky as the bus came straight away when we just got there! Phew! It cost us HK$22 per person (~£2.30), which is still cheap in my standards, but expensive in HK terms. :p
The ride takes about an hour and at this point one of my cousins expected us to be at DaddyChef’s home that evening… and I thought we just landed! It’s frigging 5 to 6pm! Give us some rest man! ¬_¬” We booked into the hotel, got our rooms, which were far apart from each other, and also there was a HK$2000 (£210) deposit for both rooms which they’ll take if you break something, or take anything from the fridge. You best be warned Mr Stingy!

It was time to eat, and it was great to see BBQ King 叉燒王 (Cha Siu Wong) still opened. So we ordered our food… I had to pay since MummyGeek didn’t exchange any of her money, and Mr Stingy was being stingy as always. Busy for a Saturday night! Cost: HK$119 (~£12.50)… so cheap! I think this would have cost us more in London!

Here’s my meal that night. I sat on the floor where there was a small glass table that I kept hitting my legs on. Argh! The cha siu wasn’t like it was before. Not as sweet as it was before. They’ve really toned down the sweetness probably because of complaints one of my aunt’s said. 😦 Bring back the old BBQ King recipes. The duck was ok. It felt like ages since I had Hong Kong food even though I can make this at home or I can buy from China Town in London. But the meats really taste different… the animals have been fed differently. Heheheh. >_<" I think we ordered the soup as well which you have to pay extra for… Watered down Chinese soup does not taste nice… :p The standards have dropped. 😦

I enjoyed two boxes of iced lemon tea… just wanted to have this because of the box designs really. ^_^

Shop 39, Riverside Garden, 20 Tai Chung Bridge Road, Sha Tin

It was an early night from all of us… so tired!

End of Day 2 … I promise there’ll be more pictures in the next post!!! ^_^

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