Hong Kong 2016 Day 3: DaddyChef’s Hometown

Monday 5th December 2016

Woohoo! Day 3 already! But boohoo, I had very little sleep. Jet lag really hit me hard. Usually I’m able to sleep really well but our room was right next to a road, and the windows are not double glazed. There was also some loud music from below where they were blasting it all night… that’s a point off from me for the hotel noise levels. Terrible. 
Well then, it was an early morning for both MummyGeek and I (we were sharing a room). I think MummyGeek woke up hungry (plus I was a bit peckish too ¬_¬) so I kind of forced her to go out and eat something around 6.30 in the morning… Sorry Mum!!
Some of the restaurants were just re-opening but we went further afield and decided to go to the congee place that we went to many years ago… MummyGeek always bought takeaway from there (and I think they’ve forgotten her).
Anyway we went in and sat at the back. I wanted yau ja gwai 油炸鬼 (literally meaning: oil fried ghost) which is a fried dough (the one on the left in the picture). It’s one of my favourite Chinese snacks/to go with congee foods. LOL! They taste so fresh in Hong Kong. The one’s in London taste tough, really tough! It makes me giggle to think about comparing the English-Chinese food. Hahahaha!!
The other dish on the right is called chee cheung fun 豬場粉 (literally meaning: pig intestines noodles – but aren’t really made with any part of the pig… it just looks like pig instestines). Pig is pronounced as chee here, but in Cantonese it’s pronounced as ju/jyu. Must’ve been a Hakka or another dialect that made it sound like “chee”. Anyway, MummyGeek said to sprinkle on some sesame seeds to make it more appealing to eat. Her Chinese food instincts has come back.

Here’s our congee (rice porridge if you’re confused by now at what this is). I think we both ordered the same flavour. Century egg and thinned pork 皮蛋瘦肉粥. Think you can still get this in London restaurants.

Century egg is a preserved egg and turns out black. The egg white tastes like jelly and the yolk tastes like yolk. I’m a big egg fan, so I don’t care if people think it’s weird to eat. I miss eating it already!
Total cost came to HK$66 (~£6.90). Yeah, that’s right! About £6 frigging 90 pence! If I were to eat this in London, I’m sure it would be double the price!
Naam Kee Congee, G/F, Greenfield Court, Yi Shing Square, Sha Tin Wai, Sha Tin
On the way back I had to stop by 7Eleven (come back to the UK please!!) I purchased more Vita brand soya milk. Two of them were low sugar ones. 

MummyGeek asked if I was still hungry and asked if I wanted to try out the fishballs and siu mai from 7Eleven for HK$14 (~£1.47)… uh… why not, since I’m on holiday…
Hmmm, best not to have… Disgusting. Not recommended people!! I don’t even recommend them to the HK people.

Finally it was time to go and head to DaddyChef’s hometown. But before that MummyGeek made the mistake of getting a boiled chicken to go and worship my grandparents and uncle in one of those big restaurants – next to the hotel … ¬_¬” (won’t name the restaurant, saving me embarrassment) … waited for the chicken for a while … an expensive boiled chicken at HK$168 (~£17.68)… Uh, what chicken costs that much! Korean fried chicken does. Anyway, MummyGeek got angry. I was kind of calm. MummyGeek wanted to leave and get her money back… Mr Stingy was waiting for us at the bus stop, and he didn’t have any credit on his phone. 😦 Sorry for the wait Mr Stingy.
We took the bus 299X. It seems they’ve changed the buses in HK. They’ve even changed the bus route for the 299, so it skips Ma On Shan… Hmmmm… Well we got to Sai Kung in half-an-hour, half the time than previous times! 
It was around lunchtime so we had a bit to eat. Well, MummyGeek went to buy some more stuff for the worshipping, and I think she got lost! Because Mr Stingy and I finished our plates of fried noodles with shredded pork and glistening with msg. Cost came to HK$135 (~£14.20), not that cheap, but still cheaper than London I guess. MummyGeek had to get hers packed into a takeaway box… Silly mother! ¬_¬”

Finally sped up and got a taxi to DaddyChef’s home village, which is further afield from Sai Kung Centre… One of my cousins had expected us to be there early… What’s the change in tune with my family? ¬_¬” All of a sudden they wanted us to come early. Since my uncle’s death, DaddyChef’s family has changed… No fun times anymore!
During that afternoon, my aunt and cousins decided to take us to the family graveyard, where most of the villagers and family are buried. It was our first time there! My granddad was still alive back in the 1990’s! My uncle’s tombstone is next to my grandparents. He passed away two years ago… So we made our prayers and worshipped them to rest in peace. T_T 
(I’m very grateful to Miss Money, Mr Games and Mr Sensible for making me climb mountains and trying to keep me fit as we had to go uphill to the tombs. I was fit. MummyGeek and Mr Stingy are not fit! LOL!)
This Mou Mou the family dog!! Do you remember him from my last trip?

Here’s my Uncle’s “view” from his tomb. Pretty isn’t it?!

Now a small drive back down to the village.

My cousin who expected us to be there the night before took Mr Stingy and I around the village, whilst MummyGeek stayed behind to gossip (I took her camera, and I used my phone). It’s the first time I’ve seen my cousin be so free as he’s not working. Gave it up for the sake of sanity I guess. I would love to do the same, but I don’t have any other type of income, so I guess it’s best if I just stick to what I’m doing… being an annoying pest to my colleagues. >_<" Sorry colleagues (to those who mysteriously end up reading my blog)! Love you all!! ^_^
I had been around my village once when I was 15, but after that and throwing up in someone’s front yard I never went again. LOL!! So keep scrolling…

This is the tombstone of the very first villager of DaddyChef’s home… (We don’t have the same surname, but I think we’re kind of related…).

An ant nest – my cousin said

We ended up going around the back of the village where there was a walkway for boats and private fishing… Where my uncle’s small boat was. Heheheh… Anyway, this is where we rested and had a small chat about DaddyChef for a few minutes. Mr Stingy was tired!

Time to go back!! And we saw the magnificent sunset go down between two mountains. Too bad I didn’t bring my own small camera. I didn’t bring my Nikon camera this time as I thought it was too heavy… and people look at me weirdly with it!

This is the chicken from the restaurant earlier. It actually tastes nice, so I can’t complain… but the price is ridiculous! I think MummyGeek is still going to complain about them in her head. Hahahahah.

Mou Mou needs a rest… too much walking for him that day. He’s such a behaved and beautiful dog. ^_^

It was time for dinner!! We didn’t want to go out again but we ended up going to an underground restaurant in Sai Kung Baak Sa Wan 西貢白沙灣. A place out of sight from the public… It’s like one of those Japanese underground bars. ^_^ You need to park in the area and it’s not far from Sai Kung Centre. We had to walk via a different entrance since my aunt didn’t want to cause a ruckus with the restaurant next door as she’s like buddies with both stores. I know what she means… I have to do the same with friends and colleagues… go the other way and avoid! LOL! 
I didn’t know what to eat since I’ve never been there. I seem to never order at places where my family are there… saving myself energy to read Chinese. ¬_¬” No excuses Geek!
Anyway we all enjoyed the food! Mr Stingy is one picky guy, but thankfully he liked the fried squid and sweet and sour pork. 
Fried squid

More chicken ¬_¬”

Sweet and sour pork
Guess what this is… it’s Pissing Prawns (mantis shrimp)!! Wooo!! Expensive seafood. They are called this because they piss out water when they’re picked up. I have no idea how much they are but we ordered two. I thought, is that two? Looks like many! Well, if you remember when I went to Cheung Chau I had small ones, and these are massive ones, that were quite hard to peel… Meat tasted like lobster meat. Yum yum yum… MummyGeek said my cousin was staring at me enjoying my prawns. ¬_¬” Looks like he wanted some too. Hahahah. I don’t get to eat this in London peeps! Don’t worry cousin, you can have your share… ^_^

There were three super friendly cats in the restaurant… probably waiting for us to drop food onto the floor. Meow.

Total cost unknown… Must be at least HK$500 or more!

If you try to find the restaurant, remember it’s next to a parking lot, past the toilets, down some stairs and into a door… 

金九記海鮮火鍋酒家, 西貢白沙灣145號地下

Seafood Hotpot Restaurant, G / F, 145 Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung
Near our hotel we saw some live Pissing Prawns. This is what they look like alive.

My food adventure did not stop that evening… Had to try out these Haagen-Dazs… I liked the blueberries one and the mango one… Didn’t like the purple potato flavour much.

Oh, and I had goose as an extra before bed… MummyGeek insisted I have a night snack… It tastes so oily. Tastes like duck… Not a fan of goose. Duck all the way! This portion cost HK$98 (~£10.31). Expensive!

End of Day 3 – did I sleep well? Find out in Day 4!

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