Hong Kong 2016 Day 6: The Garden of Stars and The Peak

Didn’t post this weekend… Too busy being lazy, catching Pokémon, studying Japanese and for the HSK Level 2 exam…

Thursday 8th December 2016

Ta da! I finally slept for a bit. Food helped. Kind of. But still had to wake up early for a fun packed day ahead. We finally got to go out without having to worry too much about anything else…

We had nice weather throughout the week, and I think I started tanning quite well. ^_^ (It’s started to fade now… need more sun!).

MummyGeek and I went back to the congee place again. I think I’ve not had so much congee as a breakfast since I was a baby I bet. LOL! 
On previous days I had seen people order this fried dough covered with cheung fun… I wanted to know what it was, because I’ve never had it before. It’s called “fried two” Ja Leung 炸兩. The taste is hard to describe. It’s got the texture of something fried and steamed at the same time. The fried dough loses it’s crispy texture as the cheung fun takes over it. This was served slightly cold too. For me, I’ll stick to fried dough and cheung fun separately. >_<"

Congee on this day was abalone and chicken flavour. Wow. At HK$40 (~£4.21) it was mega worth it! I think this would be a very expensive dish in London if restaurants started serving this. Triple price is likely! ¬_¬”… But wow, I was trying to leave the abalone last. The texture of it was soft and sweet enough to go with the congee… Amazing, I’m craving for this right now. ^_^

Total cost came to HK$94 (~£9.89). Still mega cheap for two people!

Time to head out now to Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Stop! We took a bus (I think we took the 81C – forgot to take bus notes) and stopped at the very last stop, when we should have got off the stop before. In the end we had to walk back… But also in the meantime, we were looking for the Bruce Lee statue because I’ve never seen it!

We trekked back and forth, underground and ground floor level… It was like a hectic walkabout… MummyGeek got fed up and asked an old man who pointed to the opposite street that the statue was on the other side… I had actually wanted to go in a different direction as there were arrows pointing up (where we should have gone). :p

Finally, after walking across to the other side from below, walked a few kilometers, we noticed that the old guy was probably pointing to the old location of where the statues were at The Avenue of Stars. Unfortunately that part of the harbor is closed off for renovation. Fortunately, close by there was a lift directing us to The Garden of Stars… Phew! I think we would have got fed up if we didn’t find it. 

Anita Mui

Bruce Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally got to see this iconic tourist site! When it returns back to the Avenue, I’ll be sure to return to take pictures. 
Ok… now it was time to find the bus stop to the Ferry stop. It took us a long time, but we eventually found it! We almost missed the ferry because I was looking at postcards. Mr Stingy and MummyGeek kind of got angry, but they could have gone up the stairs whilst they waited… LOL. In the end I kind of ran faster than the two of them. ¬_¬”” Phew, we didn’t miss the ferry going to Central!

Next was to get the Bus 15 up to The Peak. Last time we were there we took the tram, but too many people go up that way. And it’s more expensive. I always remembered this bus number for some reason. We were very lucky to have spotted it the minute we got off the ferry… Quick, quick guys… we’re going to miss the bus!!!

It was one of the most bumpiest rides I had been on. It was also hot that day… Almost fell asleep. Did MummyGeek go on a lot of bus rides when I was still in her tummy? I think she did, coz I really wanted to sleep. LOL.

Yay! We reached The Peak after a long bus ride just going up and round the mountain… How does any bus driver take this route?
We went via the shopping centre way… I just wanted to quickly get to the other building for some shots…

If you went up the bus route and wanted to go to the Sky Terrace, there’s an entry fee of HK$48 (~£5.05), which I think is totally cheap! Cost of the tram and Sky Terrace is a bit more at HK$88 (~£9.26) for adults… You can pay via using your Octopus card too!

We went back down after only being up there for about 10-15 minutes and trying to see through my phone with my selfie stick… ¬_¬”” Hard work guys taking pictures with a selfie stick in bright sunlight and windy conditions. 

MummyGeek was so happy to see this place Mak’s Noodle. She had seen it being advertised somewhere and said, oh this place is great… ¬_¬ … I actually wanted to go and eat the Dim Sum Shop next to it… Too bad!

We ordered two wonton noodles n soup and one beef brisket noodles n soup… It took a little while to come, but when they did, my face was of disappointment. ¬_¬” Such small bowels for a big hungry stomach. 😦 Disappointed big time. MummyGeek, those advertising adverts didn’t tell you they were small bowls did they?!

Well I was extremely not impressed. Soup was ok. It was all ok, just not enough. Tasted quite ordinary really… Not recommended unless it was a big bowl. :p Was recommended by @eatlovenoodles on Instagram to try out Tsim Chai Kee who does noodle combos… Unfortunately I didn’t have to go and find it. 😦
Total cost HK$131 (~£13.79). Blimey. Take me back to the congee restaurant!!!!
Ok, so back we go on the Bus 15… bumpy ride again… we took the ferry back to Tsim Sha Tsui. This time we missed the ferry but got the next one…

We explored the new Christmas decorations at Harbour City shopping centre… This shopping centre is definitely for the rich tourists…

Then I stood outside for a little while with MummyGeek waiting for Mr Stingy who took a while coming out, so I stood around waiting for the sun to set…

It was time to go… MummyGeek was moaning because her legs were hurting… well we were running all day long…

We tried to find our bus stop, but we actually went around the wrong corner, so we had to go back and take another bus to the bus station we mistakenly went to at the start of the day and then change for the 81C – where I said the bus stop is a bit further up – and then MummyGeek said we’re going the wrong way (no we weren’t)… ¬_¬”” It’s always the journeys going back is the pain.

Finally back in the Shatin area! Mega hungry that night… Bought myself a bowl of cart noodles Che Jai Min 車仔麵… Have been wanting a bowl of these for a long time. ^_^ Got to choose my own noodles and

I also bought more food in case I starved that evening…

Don’t panic… I didn’t eat the crisps just yet!

My noodles were awesome! Makes me want to go and make some right now.

Noodles cost me HK$44 (~£4.63).

強記小食車仔麵大王,沙田河畔花園E座地下Block E, Garden Rivera, Sha Tin

MummyGeek bought these red bean puddings at The Peak… thought she was crazy. (She also bought egg tarts that were HK$9 a piece – expensive Mum!). Well, these puddings tasted better than my mother’s. Hahahah.

Finally I got to sleep a bit…

End of Day 6.

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