Hong Kong 2016 Day 8: Brands and Products Expo @ Victoria Park

Happy Chinese New Year!! Year of the Rooster or the Chinese would say Chicken – as we really don’t know if it was a male or female that crossed the river in the zodiac story… actually we don’t know if they were male or female animals at all!!! (This came up in a conversation between Mr Games, Miss Money and I last night!). LOL!

Saturday 10th December 2016

Another early morning it was. I really wanted to sleep but I don’t think this holiday was meant to be for sleeping. 😦 I think I know how Miss Pinky feels when we go on holiday). 
Well back to the congee place again!! This time we had noodles and again we had abalone congee but with pork slices instead of chicken. Yummy! I really really like abalone!!!! Not sure why Hong Kongers and Chinese people in general eat noodles for breakfast. It’s normal for me. People in Hong Kong just eat anything for breakfast even if it’s something people would eat for dinner… Strange we are!

Total cost came to HK$94 (~£9.89). Still good.

Well where did we go on this very, very hot Saturday???
We went to Victoria Park where all the events for exhibitions are held. It never ends I think… there’s always an event there for all the public holidays.

First we went took a bus to Central Ferry Stop to Macau. Then we had to go up to the bridge part to get to the tram section… I had to use my internet roaming, otherwise we would have gotten lost. We took a tram heading to North Point, and we needed to get off at Victoria Park. For HK$2.30 (~£0.23p)… That’s really cheap! It used to be HK$2, That’s a 15% increase, but still cheap. It’s a really popular and cheap way of travelling across Hong Kong but when it’s really overcrowded, you just don’t know where to stand or dare to sit down in case an older person comes along… 😦 We thought we were going the wrong way, but we got off at Victoria Park! The modern trams are like the buses and tell you which stop you’re at. Note: get on at the back of the tram, and get off at the front… Not sure why it’s a backwards thing… You also have to pay at the front when you get off!

Right across the street was the event MummyGeek wanted to go to for many, many years. She had went before but that was when she was younger, and events change over the years. It’s called 工展會 Gung Jin Wui, which means “exhibition”. This exhibition was for Brands and Products of all sorts – food, snacks, cookware etc., etc… ¬_¬” Think MummyGeek thinks we’ve not been to one. Well, not one in HK, but she’s never seen the places I go to in London. LOL! 

We just missed the start of the opening, so we just missed Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying who was there to open up the exhibition. Ah, too bad!

We headed towards the entrance, and then suddenly MummyGeek was held back because she looked over 60 (uh hm – she’s over 60), and one of the exhibition stewardesses told her to go into the queue for elderly people as it’s free for them! ¬_¬”” WHAT! MummyGeek gets to go in for FREE!! So Mr Stingy and I had to go and queue for our tickets. Fortunately the queue was going fairly quickly (this is how service is run UK! Stop being so slow!), tickets for us youngsters was HK$10 (£1.05). Gosh, that’s really cheap for an admission…. Maybe because they were in an open space, plus they were probably expecting thousands of people in 2-3 weeks.

We got in, and we just explored as much as we could. It was sooooooo hot.

I so wanted a Hello Kitty kettle, but when I saw the price, it was no-no… 😦

Had a shitake mushroom taster here… it really tasted amazing! Fat juicy shitake mushrooms are amaaaazing!

Because of the heat, MummyGeek and I had to have a gelato. Mr Stingy told us later he too had to have an ice cream. ^_^

We saw Mr Stingy looking at this stage and trying to cool off… It was at this point we decided to go back to the hotel…

We took a tram back an got back near to Central. MummyGeek was hungry, so we had to stop and eat. We randomly went to this place 羅富記粥麵專家 Law Fu Kee. Was served by one rude and forgetful waiter… Everything was served apart from my beef brisket noodles soup. ¬_¬” I waited and waited and waited until the cashier came over and asked if there was a problem because I was sighing a lot. She said the waiter was always a problem, didn’t make a mistake with the calculations but forgot to put my order on… Stupid! Fortunately the cashier made a minus of HK£10 from our bill… Lucky!

So we had a plate of dried noodles and Chinese leaves with a separate bowl of soup… this was ok…

Mr Stingy and MummyGeek had the wonton noodles soup – looks so much better than Mak’s Noodles!

And these deep fried fish balls. Don’t think the sauce goes well with it… Very odd taste. But seems like one of the popular dishes on the menu, which the waiter had recommended. LOL!

Finally my beef brisket noodle soup came!! We must eat fast as their turnover is really fast!

Well, better than Mak’s Noodles…

Total came to HK$164 (~£17.26) with the HK$10 discount from the cashier. This place won’t be in my good books… an unlucky experience.

Address: 144 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

It was a long walk back to the Central Ferry Stop to Macau. We literally had to walk under a car tunnel where runners were going through. ¬_¬”” My dear life… 

Unfortunately I had a really bad headache, and so I had to have a nap. Think it was too much exposure to sunlight, lack of sleep, bus aircon and not eating enough for me to sleep… 
I woke up and still had a headache. MummyGeek wanted us to go out and get some T-shirts in a nearby local shopping centre where my aunt and cousin lives… We went and I definitely wanted to go back to the hotel room as quickly as possible… It was a nightmare finding big sizes for Mr Stingy. Grrrrr… He didn’t bring enough and he hates shopping. ¬_¬”” If I didn’t have a headache, I think I would have wanted to buy loads of clothes. Heheh.

In the end I threw up a few times (managed to get to the hotel room fairly quickly)… and thankfully my headache went! Phew! Think it may have been some milk I had that morning.

Decided I didn’t want anything to eat that night… So I had an apple… 😦

End of Day 8.

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