Hong Kong 2016 Day 9: Ocean Park

Warning: this post has a lot of pictures >_<"""

It’s been ridiculously busy and tiring for these past few days! Back into the blogging swing again (for now).

Sunday 11th December 2016

Yay!! I threw up the previous night, and the following morning I felt ok, but decided to go light with the breakfast in case my stomach decided to give in. Don’t worry, this happens to me once in a blue moon on a long flight holiday. Surprisingly it didn’t happen when I was in Japan, Texas or New York… Hmmm…

That morning we woke up slightly late but on time. We didn’t walk far for breakfast… We went to BBQ King. Gosh, these peeps wake up early and sleep late! I don’t think I could survive their working and sleeping patterns. 😦

MummyGeek decided to have some spaghetti in the morning, which comes with soup, BBQ pork and sweetcorn plus sausage and toast. I think I ate the sausage and toast. Heheheh.

But I did have a really light, light brekkie! A typical Hong Kong ham and flat scrambled egg sandwich with the crust off. Asians just don’t like crusty sandwiches. I think any sandwich with scrambled egg is from HK. >_<""

I forgot about dai pai dong coffee is so bitter. Had to add a lot of sugar!! HK coffee is like one of those you like it or hate it situations, (like Marmite)… I’m one of those in betweeners. :p

Total cost came to HK$60 (~£6.32). Our cheapest breakfast for two people so far!

It was time to head out to OCEAN PARK!! We took a bus 81C from the hotel to Yau Ma Tei, then went to find this bus stop – Mang Ming Lane at Yau Ma Tei. We took the bus 171 which takes us all the way to Ocean Park. (I checked online, and it seems you can get a straight bus 170 from Greenfield Court, which is a short walk from the hotel… oh well).

We got to Ocean Park around 10.30 am. Got stuck in traffic!!!! Thankfully the queues weren’t too bad when we got there. ^_^

Prices for the tickets at the time were HK£385 (~£40.53) for one adult, they have now gone up to HK$438 (~£46.10). My, my! So expensive these tickets!! Even London Zoo is not that expensive!

So it’s picture time…

MummyGeek wanted us to take loads and loads of pictures! Well, MummyGeek hasn’t been there since her honeymoon with DaddyChef methinks (it was part of their honeymoon). I last went to Ocean Park when I was 18 with DaddyChef and one of my cousins – before she got married… That was a very long time ago… But Mr Stingy has never been, so we gave him the opportunity to go. ^_^ From here onwards it’s just pictures… Stop when you see some writing!

Mr Stingy and I wanted to take the cable car first… get the scary part out of the way… If I remember back a long time ago, I’m sure I had to climb some stairs… that was from the Aquarium end, but you don’t have to do that anymore! You’ll pass an old looking street for the entrance. You can take the Express Train if you’re scared of the cable cars.

The queue looked quite long! But in fact they moved quite quickly… I guess some people wanted to take the train…

It was finally our turn, and we were lucky to have our own cable car.

Time for the riiiiiiide….

LOL!! Mr Stingy got scared, and I kind of became scared for a tiny moment. MummyGeek was just enjoying herself! She asked Mr Stingy: “why are you afraid? You flew 10-11 hours on a plane, and that was high”. His answer: “I didn’t any views to look down”. Blimey!!

We arrived at one of the mountains… And ended up walking around… Mr Stingy also went on a ride to get himself soaked because it was again quite hot that day.

Time to go back dooooown. I don’t think we all wanted to take the cable car, so we took the express train!

Next stop. Giant Panda Adventure area!

But we had to eat first… Already lunch time… So quick! We went into the Panda Restaurant… Both MummyGeek and Mr Stingy ordered the same foods. We also go a free ice cream.

I had the spicy beef brisket noodles… I wanted the panda buns, but they weren’t ready by the time I got there… 😦

Total cost for my food was HK$194 (~£20.42)… ok that is frigging expensive. Advise you to bring a sandwich or something filling.

Had to wait for Mr Stingy and MummyGeek to go to the loo, so I waited and took pictures… Pandas! Here I come!

Uh. Why are these pandas sleeping?!!!!!

Even the red pandas were sleeping. ¬_¬”

Awww, it was great to look at them all sleep… but next time stay awake when I come again… :p

We were heading towards the Grand Aquarium and I saw there was another monkey/ panda section… So told MummyGeek to wait for us.

This was Mr Stingy’s happy moment when he saw these two Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed monkeys make out in front of us… It’s not often you see this…

The male monkey was like, whatcha looking at?!

The female monkey was probably like… We’re doing this for you guys! LOL!

Hahahah… They look innocent now. Naughty monkeys!

Mr Stingy just couldn’t stop laughing.

The Giant Aquarium is what it says, a very giant aquarium! Bigger than the London Aquarium? Maybe. Just want to point out, be wary of Chinese Mainland tourists, they might barge into you or squeeze in front of you to take some pictures… MummyGeek was saying it’s probably because they have limited time to stay then go to their next destination… But you know what, it’s only fair to be polite and say sorry excuse me. :p My British mannerism comes in. ¬_¬”

Phew… That felt stressful!

We actually had to sit down and cool off… ^_^

The fountain was moving to the rhythm of the music.

Time to say goodbye to Ocean Park and see them next time… There were many parts we hadn’t seen. But maybe next time!

We waited for a bus going back to Shatin but that would have taken a while to wait for, there was a guy also waiting for the same bus and tut his teeth when we moved to another bus stop. Uh. Why didn’t you look at the times as well. Idiot. Anyway we took a bus that headed into town… Unfortunately it stopped at Admiralty. So our final options were to take another bus which was more expensive, or take the Metro to Yau Ma Tei and take another bus from there to the hotel. We took the latter option…
Took a picture of thi poster advert. Pretty cute. You can’t see the writing in English but it reads: “It doesn’t matter if it is a black cat or white cat; as long as it manages debt well, it is a good cat.” LOL! A bank ad. =^.^=

It took us a while to find the bus stop from Yau Ma Tei, but we finally got back on the 81C and back to Shatin we went… Just to let you know, the nearest bus stop is opposite the fire station, but Mr Stingy decided to walk more. Poo.

MummyGeek paid for dinner whilst I went to buy a whole load of drinks! Roast duck and BBQ pork… plus an extra dish of Chinese leaves… all from BBQ King again!!

Hm. I’ve not tasted this flavour before. Dark Chocolate Waffle. Tasted like waffle but I think more chocolate than waffle.

End of Day 9… I promise not to add so many pictures in the next post… At least we all enjoyed ourselves – apart from the return to the hotel situation!

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