Hong Kong 2016 Day 10: Ma On Shan & Shatin & Family Dinner

Monday 12th December 2016

Finally into the second week of our holiday.

I promise a shorter post this evening. ^_^

The day started a little later than expected… I basically didn’t want to get out of bed because Ocean Park was absolutely tiring. I’m not sure if I managed to sleep because on that weekend the hotel again was blasting that stupid music all night. In the end I took advantage, ¬_¬”, and asked MummyGeek to get takeaway brekkie… She came back with this from the congee place…  It’s called 鹹煎餅 (Canto: haam jin beng). It’s a salty and sweet bun with sesame seeds on top. Looks kind of fried – because it is fried. It has a fluffy inside too… Chinese donut? Nah…!

This time I had 艇仔粥 (Canto: teng jai juk), which means “boat congee”… a recipe from Guangzhou. It has squid and peanuts in this one. ^_^

MummyGeek also bought this cha siu cheung fun… Didn’t really like it, think the soy sauce wasn’t sweet enough. 😦 This was my own disappointment with the shop.
Total cost came to HK$98… seriously? I think MummyGeek also bought some for Mr Stingy too…

And again the address for this place is…

Naam Kee Congee, G/F, Greenfield Court, Yi Shing Square, Sha Tin Wai, Sha Tin

Mr Stingy decided to go with us to Ma On Shan Shopping Centre… From opposite the hotel, you need to take the bus 86K or the smaller bus 803. I suggest you take the 86K if you fear for your life! I really don’t like the small buses. They just go too fast. Hong Kong roads are considered as racing tracks for some. ¬_¬” 
You have to get off at Bayshore Towers bus stop 海柏花園. From there you need to go up the escalators to one of the shopping centres… It’s the old one. Just make sure you go a bit late as some shops probably won’t be opened early!

At Christmas time last year they had the Yokai theme. If you remembered when I went to Japan, Miss Pinky and I were very amused by their exercise ending song. Here’s the English song version: https://youtu.be/FQM_r4dbLVU.

Throughout the week, I was collecting these stickers from 7Eleven. As soon as you get 20 stickers you can get a free cup. If you 7 stickers and pay an extra HK$28 you can get a cup… I asked in if that was the case in Ma On Shan… but didn’t get a full answer, didn’t even get a chance to ask if they had any stock, which made MummyGeek kind of angry. ¬_¬” Maybe I should have listened to her! 

We walked to the other shopping centre… I still don’t understand why in HK why there’s an old and new shopping centre next to each other,

We explored the other shopping centre and bought sweets and looked around… Hasn’t changed that much, but they did have a DC Comic Christmas theme last year!

It was kind of boring because lots of the shops were closed due to renovations.

In the end we took the bus 86K back. Mr Stingy went back to the hotel and MummyGeek and I went to Shatin New Town Plaza. I still don’t like this shopping centre, it’s one of those places where the rich need to buy all their valuables. ¬_¬”… Off to the old neighboring shopping centre!

We explored around the old shopping centre and the small stalls. I think I’m just an oldie at heart. I love old HK!
MummyGeek was hungry. We explored the Chinese restaurants, but they looked so full. I spotted KFC, but nope, we weren’t allowed to enter there. 😦 I wanted fried chicken!!! So in the end it was McDonald’s all the way! ¬_¬”  MummyGeek went for a hamburger Happy Meal. And I went for the Hokkaido Salmon Series. Why hasn’t the UK got into the fish burgers yet? It’s always beef burgers… boooo!!!
Cant remember how many burgers were available for this series…

The burger consisted of lettuce, burger and fried salmon. Not a bad burger!

I had a choco apple pie with ice cream and strawberry syrup… Yum yum yum… They need to bring this back to the UK!!! Why has the UK economy gone so bad with their food industry?! 😦

Total cost came to HK$74 (~£7.79). Wow! That’s so cheap for all of this.

Hong Kong, Sha Tin, Wang Pok St, 2-16號沙田中心商場三樓32A及69A號舖

Back into the shopping centre – after buying some cheap scarves from a scapegoat cart… She doesn’t have a licence and they run away so quickly.

And then back into New Town Plaza… gosh everything has changed. There’s no bookshops there either… I searched the lower ground floor for it… Nothing there! 😦

But the one section I love out of this shopping centre is this section where there’s food and a Japanese accessories store is… Can’t remember the name of the store, but will look into my old posts for it. >_<"!

We took a bus back to the hotel… we used to take the 299 because it was the easiest bus to remember to get back to the hotel with. But now it’s so expensive, so I kind of asked a bus driver if there were any another buses that headed there. And there was! Bus number 284 headed back to Regal Riverside at HK$3.80 (~£0.40). It’s around HK$10 with the Bus 299. 

We were to meet one of my aunts (DaddyChef’s younger sister) who just lives close to the hotel and her youngest son with his wife and daughter also live quite close too… so we went to their flat to have a look around, play and talk… ^_^

Trying to take a pic of the full moon from my cousin’s flat using my phone but it doesn’t take great shots… and I didn’t bring my small camera along with me. Oh well. 

We finally headed out for dinner… It was mostly DaddyChef’s family – a big get together with my aunts and cousins! Very rare to see us all together. LOL.  Usually we meet half and the other half another time. ¬_¬”” (It was a painful moment in my holiday… texting, texting and texting…!!). 

We ended going somewhere nearly local to all of them. Walking distance from the flat. But some of us took the car. ^_^ I would have walked… but they insisted… :p

This restaurant called 明星海鮮舫 (Canto: ming sing hoi sin fong) Star Seafood Floating Restaurant. I think the one before this restaurant appeared MummyGeek used to go to this location a lot for parties and weddings… Seems like a popular place. We always passed it every time we came back but looked so far to walk to, to go and eat… Maybe not… It makes me want to try out the restaurant in Regent’s Park… the one next to London Zoo. >_<"

I think we had no idea what to order… so left it up to the family… I have no idea what set they ordered. But it might have been an expensive meal! 
So started off with 白切雞 (Canto: baak chit gai), this literally means “white cut chicken” … boiled chicken, and basically because it comes out white once boiled and then cut into chunks. One of my cousins made a comment about cameras eating first before the humans eat… LOL! Sorry cousin. I take pics all the time. :p

Some sort of sweetcorn soup…

This was kind of gruesome to see… Pigeon! 燒乳鴿 (Canto: siu yu gaap) … roast pigeon ¬_¬”. Mr Sting and I didn’t want to attempt it, but I gave it a go. It tastes like roast duck. But I think I’ll stick to duck for sure. Pigeon doesn’t look exciting.

Think this was some sort of tofu and veggie dish.

Seafood and rice noodles, mushrooms and veggies… my parents make this all the time… Nothing that special.

Ah! But this was a rare thing to eat! Big giant crab with thick legs to indulge in. Hahahah. One of my cousins was so greedy and had the rest of the remainders… The one who took us to the underground restaurant. Hilarious!

Now these are fresh abalone 鮑魚 (Canto: baau yu). A shellfish. You need to actually cut it away from the shell. Just don’t eat the green part that’s attached to the shell… ^_^ This is one of my favourite seafoods.

Big catfish was on the menu too…

And then finally dessert. This is a sort of red bean paste crispy looking pancake 紅豆沙鍋餅 (Canto: hung dau sa wo beng)… it will translate on Google as red bean casserole, but it actually means “Red bean paste pancake”. It was ok.

The last dessert was this sort of plain bun with sugar on top, and red bean paste at the bottom. Not sure what this is called in Chinese… But it was ok.

Leftover pigeon heads… sorry…  Feel sorry for them!!!

As we were leaving my cousin (the big eater) had to show me the fresh seafood. LOL!

Total cost came to (I think) HK$1800 (~£189) for 14 of us, which would have been around £13 each really… Cheap! But I didn’t pay. So, oh well.

Address: 沙田大涌橋路55-57號
55-57 Tai Chung Kiu Road, Sha Tin

End of Day 10.

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