Hong Kong 2016 Day 11: Sai Kung & The Search For Those Damn 7Eleven cups! ( ͒˃⌂˂ ͒)

Apologies all! Been a bit busy this week. Took the HSK Level 2 yesterday and so I had to study for that… and before that, I’ve been made into a carpenter… New carpet needed at home.

Tuesday 13th December 2016
The day started late. We didn’t have breakfast near the hotel that morning. Instead we went out to Sai Kung as my cousins needed us to do some family matter stuff. 
So we waited at the bus stop opposite the hotel. MummyGeek spotted a couple of guys canoeing… I think we waited forever for the 299X to appear that morning!

Finally in Sai Kung. As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts the journey isn’t that long… Sai Kung is a seafood town, so you’ll see lots of fresh seafood.

We ended up in Cheun Kee Seafood Restaurant where one of my cousins took us last time when we visited. So basically we had a dim sum breakfast/brunch/lunch. ^_^ They make everything fresh, so sometimes you might be waiting for a while for the food… Really can’t fault this place. But yeah, it’s where the tourists would go too.

I think I made a wrong order, but this is prawn spring rolls in cheung fun wrap. It tasted great. Might have this again one day! Just need to remember the name for next time. ^_^

This is a steamed rice with pork and mushroom. They only make this when it’s been ordered by the customer. So order these dishes first so that it comes around the same time as your dim sum. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for it to arrive!

Total cost came to HK$235 (~£24.74). Pretty much cheapish compared to London prices.

87-89 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung

We ended up waiting for our cousins for a bit, so we went and walked around looking for Hakka teacakes.

Somehow we ended at this place in Sai Kung Market 西貢街市 (Canto: sai gung gaai si). MummyGeek wanted to buy some char siu and chicken for DaddyChef’s family (again!)… Think they’ve had enough meat, but you know “beggars can’t be choosers!”. We saw two places selling meat, one had no prices but the other did. So we went to this place with the prices. It shows that they’re genuine in my eyes. This place is pretty famous in Sai Kung for their honey char siu – the way I like it! Extra sweet. ^_^ 

The place is called 旺記燒爉 Wong Kee Siu Lap – you can’t miss it on the ground floor of the indoor market!

Address: 67 Yi Chun St, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Now it was time to find those teacakes! We had to go around some back streets just to find it… If you see this street art, you’re in the wrong street!

If you see this street, which is just a few metres away, then you’re in the right street for those famous teacakes.

But unfortunately, they only open on the weekends! Argh! MummyGeek was not so happy… LOL!!

G/F, 21 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung

In the end we walked back towards the pier…

Then we found an old lady who was selling them… I think it was HK$10 for 3. ^_^ … Suddenly a whole bunch of ladies came up to buy some too. Where did they come from?!!!

Our cousins finally came, did our family matters, then ended up walking to find something for them to eat! ¬_¬”” Don’t understand why my family loves food. >_<"

It was quite hot that day, so I ended up drinking a cold coffee…

Finally it was time to say our goodbyes… I wrote some postcards on the bus, and thought I must send them that day urgently! >_<""" Luckily I remembered where the post office was – kind of! Thankfully, I found it – it's basically near the centre. Can't really miss it. Heheheheh. So five lucky friends/family got a postcard all the way from HK. 

So what did I do for the rest of the day? Went out searching for these damn 7Eleven cups (the ones on the left in the picture). Practically sold out everywhere. Just don’t understand why can’t the 7Eleven stores stock more! Got told off from one shop near the hotel that they had no stock. So rude. :p  Mr Stingy went somewhere… not sure where!
Every 7Eleven I went to said they had no stock from Sai Kung to Mong Kok to Ap Liu Street to Sham Shui Po… 😦 MummyGeek was actually with me as she was afraid I would do something crazy and get lost… :p 
Well, we couldn’t find the place. But we remembered to go back to this Dai Pai Dong (big food stall) for their beef brisket noodles and VERY fresh vegetables. The place is still running after many years… ^_^ So happy!

Total cost came to HK$79 (~£8.32). Still amazing prices for a side street food stall – and still loved by the locals! ^_^ I think we had more noodles a few years ago … I guess food prices went up!

鴻記麵家, 深水埗耀東街15-16門前大牌檔
Hung Kee Noodles, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Ok, so we gave up on the search for the cups, so in the end we had to trek back to the hotel! Ended back around Mong Kok, then we had to find Laundry Street to take the mini bus back to Sai Kung (and ask again for the cups – because one of the workers said there will be stock that night… not true, think they got stock after midnight!). Gosh. I really dislike those mini buses. They are the scariest rides EVER! Well… couldn’t get the cups but I bought some pen supplies from my favourite store – Japan Home Cenre. ^_^
At the hotel MummyGeek and I ate the teacakes. I forgot what each one was made of, but just imagine big versions of none-sweet Japanese mochi.

Not bad teacakes. Not one of my fave Hakka desserts but decent enough to eat.

End of Day 11.