Hong Kong 2016 Day 12: Tai Po & End of 7Eleven Cup Search & City One

Wednesday 14th December 2016

Almost towards the end of our holiday…

We had to go and visit Grandpopo and my aunt before the end of our trip. MummyGeek wanted us to eat breakfast in Tai Po before we went, and so we ended up at this tiny diner. We actually wanted to eat at the Cooked Food Centre, but lots of the stalls weren’t opened, and we would have had to share a much smaller table. 😦 Oh well. Mr Stingy was bad luck! :p

What I had wanted most was spare ribs and rice… One of my favourite HK morning foods… It just had to be done!

Unfortunately I forgot to note down the price and name of the diner. Oh well. It’s in the Tai Po Centre area, opposite a 7Eleven…

But guess what?! My search for these 7Eleven cups ended that morning in Tai Po!! Stock did come that night!! Phew!! So I got one for free, and then I paid an extra HK$28 with 7 stickers for the second one. Actually, none of my friends know I have a second cup (the Purin one) – so keep it quiet. Shhhh. LOL! And no, no-one is having these… 

So that afternoon was spent at Grandpopo’s place… Had to fix the TV, show my aunt how to copy and paste stuff from her computer… and we ate loads again! It was very warm that day…

After our visit, we went back to Tai Po so that Mr Stingy could go and look around. MummyGeek and I ended up doing some last minute shopping. I love this area. You can buy your essentials for cheap. I wish things in London could be as cute and cheap at the same time. LOL.

Time to go back. Instead of waiting for the 74A, we took the 73A or B – can’t remember and went all the way to City One 第一城. It’s one of the few places we have been to in HK… and I actually like it. It’s not far from the hotel. So I do recommend this place for small shopping.

We ended up in McDonald’s in City One. MummyGeek said she’ll pay for my dinner… My meal came to HK$55.30 (~£5.82), but I accidentally didn’t select the meal as I thought the “shake shake” seasoning was the price of the fries as well and had to pay separately for everything… total geek moment that was! Ugh. So I had to pay extra for the fries… AuntyGeek is getting old… ¬_¬” I’m sure the youngsters in McD’s were looking at me as a confused HKer… Sorry kids!
This is Mr Stingy’s burger… I forgot which one this is.

I had another Hokkaido burger. This was with salmon, ham slice (or was it chicken) and egg. Had a lemon tea and a double strawberry sundae! Yay!!! ^_^

My shake shake fries with nori seasoning… messy business eating this!

Ooooo… doesn’t my sundae look so cool!

Ended up walking around City One. Not sure why my cousins think it’s an average place to go to… I like it! Need to walk around it during the day time next time… 🙂

End of Day 12.

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