Hong Kong 2016 Day 14: Last Day

Friday 16th December 2016

Final post on my holiday! (But hotel post is next after this).
I felt the lazy bug step in. I realised why I was not able to sleep. It’s because I usually sleep late and wake up late in London, and that’s what I did on our last day. Really felt the tiredness kick in.
I felt like the lazy person I was supposed to be at the start of this holiday, my laziness was not meant to be on this holiday! MummyGeek was up and I asked if she could buy takeaway because I was being my lazy self…

My last bowl of HK congee!! This time with pig liver. Woooow. I wondered why people liked eating this one. The liver was so smoothly made… Like eating butter or very smooth cream. Yummy!

Breakfast that morning was HK$98 (~£10.32). MummyGeek paid. No prob! 😀

I managed to sleep for another 2 hours before checkout time. I was so tired. I requested a late checkout for 1pm as our flight was in the evening, but it seems Mr Stingy was kicked out at 12pm. So we kind of left. No extra charges were made so they didn’t take my deposit.
We left our luggage around the taxi station area. You’re allowed to leave your luggage at the hotel for up to 7 days before they somehow get rid of it… so during that time we went outside the hotel (it was very cold that day) and waited for the cousin who took Mr Stingy and I around our village on Day 3… 

We saw a couple in their wedding outfits… a happy day for some!

We ended up in BBQ King again. There is no escaping this restaurant! My cousin wanted to discuss family stuff – which I thought was totally inappropriate timing! Ruined my mood really..

Lunch came up to HK$170 (~£17.89). I seemed to have paid again! :p

After our hour longish lunch of family stuff Mr Stingy and I went to the New Town Plaza Shopping Centre for one last trip. Bought a colleague a traditional Chinese music CD – as it was his birthday soon. 

Came back to the hotel within less than an hour… And then went to the airport. VERY EARLY!

It didn’t matter because we got to see the sunset from the airbus. ^_^

So at the airport we were too early to check in… about 2 to 3 hours. That meant it time to crochet Mr Picky’s scarf which I had started on the plane coming to HK. Was also trying to catch some Pokémon at the same time… free WiFi at the airport!

Finally crossed over to the other side after 8pm. Such a long wait. I think next time I’m going to choose an earlier flight with a different company. Virgin flights are really late!

I forgot to eat one of my favourites. Beef brisket curry and rice!! Oh, how could I forget?!!! I paid for MummyGeek’s meal as well… It’s really expensive at the airport, so I don’t advise you to eat there unless you really have to. Cost came to HK$252 (~£26.52). I don’t think UK airports are this expensive. ¬_¬

Mr Stingy went for char siu and special fried rice… ¬_¬” Typical of him!

Time to walk around and find our gate… Bought some sweeties and Gudetama stuff…

Finally got to our gate and so I decided to charge my phone in the meantime… At the time of charging I think someone had lost their phone or charger, well a couple of males came over so I’m not sure if someone stole something. Didn’t see anything suspicious really. I was playing Pokémon as I usually do. LOL!

Finally time to board…

It was a very unfortunate flight. We had four babies on board. Because they were all quite young they all started screaming and crying at the same time. It was possibly my worse flight in history. I’ll take Ryanair any day for the silly messages and cramped seats. Food was so-so. For a very famous company and bright, you would really expect decent food in the Economy section. :p I can even get decent food in my work canteen for less the price of what they provide per person. ¬_¬” The pasta dinner was basically the pits! Disgusting!

At some point the person in front leaned their seat back and damaged my mini USB cord. I was so upset I hit the seat in front! Grrrrr. I think the long leg room seats are not worth it. Total waste of money to be honest. Going back to a different flight company with better seating.

I managed to sleep somehow after watching some of House of Cards Season 4… think I was beyond tired on that flight. What works is big earphones (always purchase your own because flight ones are rubbish) and very loud music. I dozed off with music. That’s the first time that has ever happened in my entire waking life.
When I was awake, the babies started to cry again… I really wanted to get up, go to the parents and say “would you like me to hold your baby? I have godmother experience” … But I didn’t do it as Mr Stingy was blocking me. ¬_¬””
Breakfast came and I had the full breakfast – not bad! Decent for my taste buds.
We finally arrived in London. We had to do some sort of emergency landing and all our devices had to be completely switched off. Why? It was foggy that Saturday morning. The foggiest it’s been in London since we’ve been gone. It’s really pretty from the top. Not so pretty from the ground. I think we were very lucky as during the day not many flights were going in or out from Heathrow. 
As we got to the airport, queued (and I caught 2 Pikachu’s with Xmas hats on), passed passport control, I saw this poster… American Airlines really know how to make people laugh: “Fly Flat, Arrive Sharp”… Hmmmm…

Got a taxi back. Black cab one. Cost £80. Worth it in the fog. Cabbies need to make money too!

Well that’s the end of our holiday. It was a very hectic one being with family, hardly any shopping, some sight seeing… But for me, that was not enough! Argh… maybe another time…

End of Day 14 and holiday time in HK! ^_^