Regal Riverside Hotel 麗豪酒店 – Shatin, Hong Kong

Ah, one more post about Hong Kong!

Last time we stayed at the Regal Oriental Hotel based in Kowloon. My family didn’t really like that hotel even though there was free WiFi and lots of local stores. But we had to try and go back to the Regal Riverside Hotel 麗豪酒店 (Canto: lai hou jau dim) on this trip! Why?

Because the rooms are much more spacious at this hotel than their sister hotel (plus they finally finished renovating whatever they were doing and installed free WiFi)!

In previous stays at this hotel, they used to have a big table and chairs available. Now there’s a squeaky sofa and a small glass table which I kept bumping to at night. 😦 It hurts you know! I mostly sat on the floor to eat my breakfast or dinner… Felt the sofa was too high and the table was too low. >_<"" Not sure if they vacuum the rooms as often as they used to. And I don't think they change the bed sheets because I spilt a bit of soy sauce on the duvet cover, nothing was changed. ¬_¬"

We were put on the 8th Floor (lucky number for the Chinese), but really it was unlucky for us as we couldn’t sleep! I switched the aircon to heat but all we got was cold air. Turned it up to 24/25 degrees… and still no hot air… What kind of aircon did they install?

Forgot to take a picture of the bathroom. They haven’t upgraded their bathrooms for years. I think depending on the cleaner you get, you don’t always get new bottles of shampoo or body wash… 😦

Think the hotel has gone a bit stingy for a 4 star. Weren’t like this 6/7 years ago! The cleaners were much more generous with the teas and coffees and sugar… Unfortunately they give out a lot of bottles of water… In the end we had around more than 10 bottles sitting in our room! >_<" Stupid management idea really…
Didn’t take any of the drinks from the fridge… no point. They were more expensive than the supermarket and 7Eleven. 
The only best thing is how fast the lift goes up and down. ^_^

Pointers when staying at this hotel:
– Close to the bus stops but be prepared to wait for some of them, as some are hourly buses
– 2 bus stops away from New Town Plaza, which is where you can take a train
– Far away from a Metro line, so you will need to hop on a bus to somewhere like Yau Ma Tei
– There is a HK$1000 deposit – in case you break anything or order things like room service
– There are restaurants around but walk around to City One or New Town Plaza… or even walk to the Star Seafood Floating Restaurant…
– If you’ve been put in a room near the roads, then I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do except purchase earplugs
– The walls are not that thick so it’s possible you can hear your neighboring hotel guest
– There’s finally free WiFi!!!
– Try out their restaurants, I never did, but they look good
– It’s generally a quiet area – apart from the traffic
– There’s a dry cleaners nearby, try and find it as it’s cheaper than the hotel!
– There are family rooms available which have more facilities like microwaves and cookers etc.
If I were to give a geeky rating, it would be defo be a 3/5… but 5/5 for location! :p


34-36 Tai Chung Kiu Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2649 7878