Happy Chinese New Year 2017!!! The Year of the Rooster (Chicken)

Happy 5th Birthday to my blog (from 31st January. I completely forgot)… thanks for following, reading and adding comments. I do enjoy reading the comments, even if it’s to tell me off, and for those who like to puke at what I write, then so be it – I was not born to please everyone… And spammers are still not welcome!!. 

Is it too late to say Happy Chinese New Year – about 4 weeks down the line?

Yes it is. But I don’t care. 
This year is the year of the Rooster. In Chinese we say 雞年 (Canto: gai nin; Mando: ji nian) meaning “year of the chicken” not rooster. The character 雞 doesn’t refer to the chicken as being male or female but it is assumed (I’m guessing) that it is the male chicken the Chinese are referring to. It’s actually the same factor for all the Chinese Zodiacs and a debate I was having with Mr Games and Miss Money. What sex were the Chinese Zodiacs? Discuss! 

Dumplings are traditionally made on the first day of the Chinese New Year, but these were bought from frozen, fried and then “steamed”. Pork and Chinese chives flavour.

These are dried, flattened sharon fruit – often made just for Chinese New Year.

And I got two lucky red envelopes. If you follow me on Instagram, I asked the question if they had money inside. Yes, they did. ^_^

One of my colleagues just came back from China, he said he had a lucky envelope for me. I said in Cantonese “唔使啦” (m sai la), meaning “no need la” – because he’s kind of my age and not my boss… it didn’t feel right accepting! LOL!  ¥10 is equivalent to £1 by the way. >_<"

Anyway, celebrations are now over, although in China Town London you can still see the red lanterns around the area.

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