Go Vegan World Poster Advert

Just had to throw this poster ad in for the sake of bad slogans.
I am not against veganism. My colleague who sits next to me is called Miss Vegan, and her food is always amazing! 
I guess this poster was kind of interesting and intriguing… I just can’t understand how “Dairy takes Babies from their mothers”… Huh? Isn’t it supposed to be “Babies takes dairy from their mothers”? According to Miss Vegan, adults shouldn’t really be drinking dairy in the first instance. Babies suck from their mother’s breasts, and the mother’s produce milk by eating, drinking and resting, which is how baby mammals survive. ¬_¬”

In a confused state at the moment…

2 thoughts on “Go Vegan World Poster Advert

  1. them cows they has been domestikated 4 more than 10,5k yearsthey is produce too much MILK n not EVEN baby cow can finishthey hv 2 be milked by THE farmer 2 times dailyotherwise them cows THEY is Xplode!Missy Vegan need 2 get real humans r omnivores n NOT rabbitz


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