Paldo Rabbokki Noodles

Bought these Rabokki flavoured noodles some time last year (forgot the price as usual…lost the receipt as usual). Decided to eat them earlier this year before they expired. >_<" Rabokki is a combination of noodles and rice cakes in ddeokbokki sauce.

Also bought some frozen rice cakes from Longdan Express, which come with their own spicy sauce.

This was what was in the packet… Think I’m not going to explain how I cooked them. But I did boil the rice cakes first to try and soften them.

This is how it ended up…

Then added two slices of artificial cheese. >_<""

Taste wise it wasn’t that bad, sweet and spicy at the same time. My rice cakes weren’t as soft as I would liked them to have been.

Enjoyed it… ^_^