3D Origami – George from Peppa Pig

Speedy post today.

Not sure why toddlers LOVE Peppa Pig. I’ve watched many episodes with Baby B and I think I’m bored of it. Babies are just brainwashed with the things they say, but weren’t we all when we were kids?

Anyway, one of my colleague’s daughters loves Peppa Pig, and so I made her and George. 

No more Peppa Pig or George please…!!

Baby B is obsessed (and possessed) with this cartoon. :p Bought this from eBay for 99p. >_<""

One Plus Chinese Restaurant 一品天下 – London China Town

As you may remember Miss Money, who has been my friend for 10++ years, works around the China Town area, so she knows when there’s a new restaurant opening, or some sort of new food shop. LOL! She’s been waiting for me to write this post since February, but I’ve been too busy and lazy… 😀 Getting old is not fun peeps… you become a tired zombie from work, social life, Pokémon hunting (LOL) and all you want to do is sleep…

So this restaurant One + 一品天下 (Mando: yi pin tian xia; Canto: yat bun tin ha… kind of literally means “one goods/product world”, but I don’t know the exact meaning of it) opened in February. Miss Money had already been there once with her colleagues, but invited me (plus Mr Games and Mr Sensible, but they decided not to come). 

The table settings look quite plain and simple.

We looked at the menu and they were all in colourful pictures which I guess helps people who aren’t Chinese speakers or readers to decide what they want. There was a big seafood platter on a hot plate on the menu which looked kind of messy when I saw other people eating their food. 
Anyway, we ordered. Well Miss Money did the ordering…
Out came first were my spicy pig intestines. I love these. I know that they can be unclean, but these were ok. They were very spicy, slightly on the salty side, but didn’t mind that. Did I eat these in HK last year? I can’t remember.

Next came out was the sweet and sour chicken. It was kind of a small portion size for the price tagged alongside with it. This is what Miss Money wanted to eat. I’m not sure if we were impressed with the flavouring or not, but it did need more sugar in it. To be honest, I still like Cantonese style sweet and sour foods, other My Old Place in Liverpool St still has a great northern style. ^_^

The portion size of our shrimp egg fried rice was not impressive either. Felt too small! But taste wise it was fine.

I ordered this aubergine dish… it was mega salty!! Slightly spicy, but I did like the dish which went well with the rice.

Miss Money and I were still hungry (well I was anyway), so we ordered for a plate of chicken dumplings… it took forever to come, and I felt like we were going to be there all night… Had they forgotten our order? Nope… just took too long!

It was interesting served like this…

And all we had to do was split them up.

I think this had to be my favourite dish of the evening… A nice thick doughy skin texture, and it was a good portion size.

Total price came to £43.89 including drinks. Very expensive looking dinner Miss Money!

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points: 
– Polite service
– Liked the dumplings

Bad points:
– Had to wait a bit long for the food
– A bit expensive

Address: 31 Gerrard St, London W1D
Tel: 020 7287 2838

After dinner, we went walking (whilst catching Pokémon)… Noticed a drawing on New Loon Moon Supermarket’s pillar. LOL!

Tried to take a picture of the signs on the traffic lights… total fail with my mobile phone… :p

This was outside BFI Southwark. Euro forever! 😀

And of course the London Eye lit up in red… I forgot what for at the time. ^_^

Hisar Turkish Restaurant – London East Dulwich

Must get blogging! Loads of posts to catch up with. Lots to share. ¬_¬”” 
This took place around the beginning of February. I completely forgot about this, but I was practically forced to go (basically Mrs Hen and colleagues wanted me to take pictures but wouldn’t say it’s because of that…) I tried to get out of going but they wouldn’t let me go!! ¬_¬”” The whole event was for 2 leaving parties and one 60th Birthday party. 
It’s going to be a fairly short post…
Ordered Mrs Hen a beer… I guess she needed it.

I was trying to be healthy so ordered a mock mojito. Why not?!

Starters came out first, and you often have to remind yourselves not to eat too much before the main dishes come out… So remember to eat less bread and less of everything else!!

There was around 20 of us but I couldn’t take everyone’s pictures, so I took plates of food that I was surrounded with…

This is what I had… Adana Iskendar which is a large lamb kofte which is wrapped in pitta bread and smothered with tomato sauce and yogurt, which came with salad and I asked for mashed potatoes instead of rice or chips. 

It was the most satisfying lamb kofte meal I’ve ever had!!! ^_^ It reminded of lasagne. Had that similar touch to it. Pitta bread acting as the pasta. I don’t think there was any cheese in it. I just want to eat this all over again!!! Where can I find this in the Walworth Road or Elephant & Castle?

We all split the bill… I think it £25 each (I actually told Mrs Hen I had no money just to try and get out of the event, but she said she’ll pay for me… In the end I coughed up my money – I think Mrs Hen was a bit surprised I lied :p sorry Mrs Hen, but I had to).

My geeky rating: 5/5
Good points:
– Friendly service
– Large portions of food
– Great place for medium sized parties

Bad points:
– Tight squeeze to fit us all in … we needed an extra table really

Address: 51 Lordship Ln, East Dulwich, London SE22 8EP
Telephone: 020 8299 2948