Good Friend 好朋友 – London China Town

Do you remember Bigbe Chicken? Well that’s been closed down, but what was once a Chinese bakery has now become the second generation of Taiwanese fried chicken in the same Street.
High rents in London Central is becoming all too common now for a China Town that was once dominated by Cantonese cuisines and Hong Kong bakeries. 😑 So sad to see all these great little shops and restaurants go so quickly. 
Trying out Good Friend 好朋友 (Canto: hou pun you; Mando: hau peng you). I think it’s the same owner as Bigbe Chicken, but not really sure and not sure why they would have changed the name if it was the same peeps. Strange.

In Bigbe Chicken, they were selling giant fried squid for a very short while and that I didn’t even get to try out. So sad. 😥 This time I really wanted to try some fried squid… 
This little bundle of fried squid cost me £6. That’s really expensive! But it tasted really good! Got the squid taste there. Got some fried batter on it. Chilli powder on top as well… 🤣

Well, all a bit too expensive for me. Food is becoming so costly. 
Must have the fried chicken next time though. 
My geeky rating: 4/5 (for the squid)
No point pointing out the good and bad points. 😅 Good food but expensive for the small amount. 
Address: 14 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ

Bubblewrap Waffle – London China Town

What to do on your week off (at the end of March)? Eat ice cream and Chinese style waffles is one answer. 😅 
Bubblewrap is based on the Hong Kong style egg waffles but with added ice cream, sauce and toppings. For some reason it’s gained a lot of popularity. Reason: Not known. Constantly long queues too.
I tried to get there as early as possible but there was already a queue! There was only 10 minutes left till opening time… And I already had to wait. 😮 If you notice before queuing, there’s a sign of where the two hour wait starts from. SIGH. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait two hours!!
Just before opening, I was given a leaflet with the menu.
At this point I was nearing the front after 15 to 20 minutes. 

Getting close!

Almost there!

And finally I got in! I texted Miss Money during my queuing time as it was nearing her lunch break. Tried to get her to come out from work early but I think her boss is quite strict with time. 🙄 Anyway, she asked me to get her one, the matcha tea one, unfortunately they had run out of that flavour. Oh well, sorry Miss Money.

Anyway. I ordered two (Miss Money thought it was only one wrap per person to order, uh no).

After 45 to 50 minutes of waiting, I got my two Bubblewraps. An incredibly long time…

Miss Money and her co-workers got the strawberry one, and I had the chocolate one. 😋

To be honest, it wasn’t very exciting, just taking the pictures of the food was more exciting than eating it. 😅 My chocolate flavoured egg waffle tasted normal with a tiny hint of chocolate. Found it a little hard to eat just scooping out the ice cream and picking at the egg waffles. Miss Money and one of her co-workers weren’t very excited. Weren’t pleased with the pricing too. They said to me, that the bakery opposite sold Japanese taiyaki and green tea ice cream for £2 or £3 something, and had a similar taste to the egg waffle… Oh dear.
So a total cost of £12.98… Not worth the wait methinks.
My geeky rating: 3.5/5
Address: 24 Wardour Street, London W1D 6 Qj
Tel: 0207 734 4535

Surrey Docks City Farm

Not really having enough time to blog so much, so I’ve decided to re-download the app and blog away… 😅  You might get to see more smileys too. Whoopee!
Miss Pinky was in desperate need of a babysitter as her normal one was taking a day off!  😅 So I agreed, told Miss Vegan and Mrs Sweets to man the workload whilst I become a godmother for the day. 😆 
After a morning of Peppa Pig (thought I could manage a whole day of it, but that will never happen), quick breakfast and super godmother quick dressing, I took Baby B to Surrey Docks Farm… I can’t believe Miss Pinky and Mr Picky have never taken her there. Half an hour away from their home. 
Baby B and I took the bus 381… But she fell asleep half way through the journey! 😮 No don’t fall asleep Baby B! 😥
Got off at Downtown Road, and I asked a lady for directions. Baby B was still asleep…
So in the meantime, I took pictures for Miss Pinky to see the that her daughter fell asleep in the pram and was still sleeping as I walked around. 

By this point I took a seat on a broken bench, looking at Baby B and see if she would awake. Nope. No signs of waking up.

Just as we were leaving, past some Chinese tourists/ business people… and then an old Chinese couple with their grandchild who were trying to make conversation with me in Mandarin… Tried to explain that Baby B wasn’t mine by my god child. Lol. They thought I was a nanny… In the end they got it! I think talking to this Chinese grandparents had awakened Baby B, so I was super excited and did the whole trip around the farm again… 😌

Baby B seemed super happy, even gave her some massive super snack of cherry tomatoes, she was happy… The only mishap which scared me the most was when she fell done the wooden stairs because she didn’t hold onto the sides. Baby B gave me a big heart attack, but she didn’t cry, didn’t scream in pain… Amazed at her strength at containing herself. But I found out later from Miss Pinky that she does this a few times when she walks down the stairs. Anyway, had to go up the stairs and then walk down them again with Baby B, but had to go back up and take the pram down afterwards. 😣
Apart from the one mishap, we had a good time running around. 😊 

Address: Rotherhithe St, London SE16 5ET
Tel: 020 7231 1010

Buses: C10 and 381 (get off at Downtown Road, it’s on the left hand side when you get off)

Yamato @ The Peacock Theatre

A short post.
I booked a seat to see Yamato the Japanese drummers the day after going to Brighton… I thought I would be really tired, but managed to survive the next day to watch these peeps.
It’s my first time going to the Peacock Theatre. I’ve always wanted to go there so when I saw a friend post a picture of these Japanese drums at this theatre, I thought I must go and see them too!

Start of the show…

This was at the end of the show… It was AMAZING! It was like having a music lesson all over again but in a theatre. ^_^ Lots of drumming skills, some singing, and these guys and girls really pulled off a great performance!!

Hope to see these peeps again in the future!!

Brighton Day Out in March

It’s been more than a year since I’ve met up with Miss Rock (I hope you all still remember her). We last met in 2014!!!! OMG. And our last trip was to Oxford. ¬_¬”” I didn’t realise it was that long. Our schedules are definitely not in sync, apart from that we’re both Aries and Chinese, and both of us have been brought up in London. ^_^
Anyone from London (well most Londoners) would have gone to Brighton at least once in their lives. Miss Rock picked a few places to go to but we ended up in Brighton. I haven’t been for a while, 4 or 5 years maybe… Before I started this blog. And Miss Rock hadn’t been since she was young. I chose to go in March because I thought it would be slightly warmer (wrong!).

So we met up at London Bridge, it was a shock to see her look so young but also wear glasses! Yay! Kept telling her to wear glasses for the sake of vision. 🙂
Miss Rock and I caught up on the train… it was surprisingly an empty carriage on a Saturday, after 10 am… Hmmmm. I can’t remember what time we got to Brighton though. ¬_¬””

First thing was to head to the rocky beach. Watch the sea. The English Channel to be exact. (>_<)"

We did a bit of walking, it was quite chilly that day… thought it would be slightly warmer in March (well warmer than January and Feburary, it was surprisingly warmer on my birthday weekend). It’s actually quite hard to walk on a stony beach, the best thing is to wear comfortable walking shoes on such beaches… :p

We ended up on Brighton Pier…

Then of course it was lunch time!!! It’s always hard to decide what to eat when I’m with Miss Rock, maybe because I’m the fussy eater, and I like to eat anything really. Anyway… I saw Café Rouge (English translation: Red Cafe… LOL!)! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to eat in Café Rouge. My brain said go and try it. 
The waiter came and took our orders, and I couldn’t understand his accent when he said if we would like bread… 
I didn’t realise that it was a real French restaurant. ¬_¬”” OoooOoOoOoOooo… I had the Marseille Mule (coz I’m going to Marseille soon 🙂 ). A very odd drink but tasted ok (I actually can’t remember what the taste was like).

I ordered the l’escargot starter… Miss Rock skipped… They were de-shelled so no burning my fingers with their hot shells. I think there were mushrooms added. Slightly salty taste but I enjoyed it.

Miss Rock had the burger and chips. She enjoyed it. ^_^

I also had the boeuf bourguinon, I can’t pronounce bourguinon, how embarrassing. But this tasted awesome. I could taste the red wine, beef was very tender, mashed potatoes and veggies went well with the beef stew. I could’ve have had more. 

Forgot to take note of the total cost. But I think it was around £40ish… Might be wrong.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Ok service (although I couldn’t understand the waiter’s accent – sorry)
– Food was delicious

Bad points:
– Small portion size
– Expensive

Address: 24 Prince Albert Street, Brighton BN1 1HF
Telephone: 01273 774422After food, we did a bit more walking…

Then back for a bit more food! Dessert!! Brighton has a Dum Dum Donutterie, but they ran out of cronuts when we got there. 😦 Had to settle for a normal donut and a flat white coffee.

Miss Rock is really brave. She can eat ice cream at any time of the year. I think I can only eat ice cream in cold weather if I was in a hot restaurant or had lots of spicy food. 

After this short break it was time for another walk…

We started a very long walk from the main town centre across to the west side… I think if we walked anymore further west, we could have ended up in Portsmouth… ¬_¬”” Not really, that would have taken us hours if we did an endless walk. 

It was time to go home, we took a train after 5 pm. At least we didn’t sit down at the station, as the train’s platform was showing a few minutes later from when we got to there. Phew.
Very tiring day, train was very packed. Had to start talking quietly, and try not to fall asleep. -__- zzzz
Thanks to Miss Rock for suggesting we go to Brighton.
I hope we go up north next time!! ^_^ Miss Rock, we need to go up nooooorth!!!