Good Friend 好朋友 – London China Town

Do you remember Bigbe Chicken? Well that’s been closed down, but what was once a Chinese bakery has now become the second generation of Taiwanese fried chicken in the same Street.
High rents in London Central is becoming all too common now for a China Town that was once dominated by Cantonese cuisines and Hong Kong bakeries. 😑 So sad to see all these great little shops and restaurants go so quickly. 
Trying out Good Friend 好朋友 (Canto: hou pun you; Mando: hau peng you). I think it’s the same owner as Bigbe Chicken, but not really sure and not sure why they would have changed the name if it was the same peeps. Strange.

In Bigbe Chicken, they were selling giant fried squid for a very short while and that I didn’t even get to try out. So sad. 😥 This time I really wanted to try some fried squid… 
This little bundle of fried squid cost me £6. That’s really expensive! But it tasted really good! Got the squid taste there. Got some fried batter on it. Chilli powder on top as well… 🤣

Well, all a bit too expensive for me. Food is becoming so costly. 
Must have the fried chicken next time though. 
My geeky rating: 4/5 (for the squid)
No point pointing out the good and bad points. 😅 Good food but expensive for the small amount. 
Address: 14 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ

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