DIY Sticky Notes

Another quick post!
Easter time was a very boring time for me. Constant studying (but now it’s time to be a lazy geek and study at steady pace before the JLPT N5 exam). ^_^
There’s a lot of videos and posts on how to make your own sticky notes, so I gave it a try. Why? Because a lot of people give me lots of cute papers, or I buy them think they could be sticky notes. ¬_¬”. Anyway, so for studying purposes, I wanted to make my textbooks look cute with sticky cute sticky notes… 😀
Amazon Prime is my best friend in situations like this… Buy some REPOSITIONABLE GLUE. This is not ordinary glue, I didn’t know this even existed!

Then have lots of cute ordinary paper or a note set.

Use the glue and stick at the top of your paper. Wait for a few seconds for it to dry a tiny bit to create that sticky effect.

Then place on top of another piece of note paper.

Continue until you’ve created the desired amount of sticky note pad you require!

This has been a life-saving activity, as well as filling up my textbooks with cute sticky notes. ^_^
Sometimes the glue doesn’t last for too long, so what I do is add on a bit more of the repositionable glue…
By the way, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying the ordinary sticky notes… ¬_¬”” 

T’is My Pikachu Cushion

Such a sad month already! 😦

But to cheer people up, here’s a Pikachu cushion which I got for my birthday – Thanks Miss Money! It’s now currently squashed up on my office chair, and Miss Vegan keeps using, so I had to buy her one. ¬_¬” Go away Miss Vegan!!

Have another month of Japanese studying to go before I go back into proper blogging mode and Pokémon hunting… For now, small posts… ^_^
Please cheer up people!!!
Also let’s make sure we vote for the right party tomorrow… I, of course refuse to vote Labour and the Conservatives. 

Homemade Chinese Egg Tarts

Now that Chinese bakeries are mainly on the decline in London, and Chinese egg tarts are getting more and more expensive, it’s time to make my own… 
I used a recipe from my Chinese cookbook Quick and Easy Chinese – dim sum version… First attempt of course was too hard. Pastry was slightly thick and I should’ve added some sugar into it. The book said 20 minutes to bake, but this took 40 minutes! 😅
My second attempt, I tried to change the recipe to make exact 8 egg tarts. Big fail! Pastry was not crunchy enough. Too dry. Egg mix didn’t have enough water and I added less sugar this time. Cooking time was 20 minutes. 😆

Third attempt will be soon… 😋