Marseille (May2017) – Day 5 & 6: Beach, Desserts and Raclette

Day 5 – Wednesday 17th May

Day 5 consisted of eating breakfast at Mrs Travels friend’s place where we had homemade breakfast of pancakes and muffins… Felt so privileged to go and eat in someone’s home for homemade food!! So happpppy!! 
Mrs Travels chatted about in French to her friend, so I sat eating and watching Missy A draw… It’s a half day in school for most French kids. (Their homework is more complicated than the British!).

Mini chocolate muffin was amazing! Tasted like it was from a shop, but no not at all!! ^_^

We headed to the local beach for a few minutes, and Mrs Travels said I should write this… Defo for the folks at work and home to see… I’m not always in the office!!! :p

These sandals made it to the bin on my last day… Heheheh, I bought new ones when I got back to the UK.

This is the view from Mrs Travels’ friend’s home. Amazing! Top floor too!!

We had spaghetti bolognaise that afternoon. ^_^

That evening we took Missy I to one of her gym/dance classes. Missy S had an hour to spare before her gym class, so we headed to the beach… it was hot! And I’ve realised I don’t like stony beaches that much… They huuuurt your feet!! But I did have a great massage from them I guess.

Day 6 – Thursday 18th May

What the beach again? We headed out to this one which is by the market near the girl’s school… We went looking for seashells which follow a legend… they are the shiva eye seashells which “symbolizes the creation, preservation and destruction of all from the flow of life”.

It was a nice cool day, and we were at the bakery quite early… got to glimpse at all these pretty cakes!! Awwwwww, I love French cakes!!

The girls and I got to try these out. Yuuuuuumy!!

Well, well, well, what was for dinner? Raclette time! I think I had loads of potatoes and cheese… At one point I had thought we ran out of cheese. What no more cheese? Of course not, Mr and Mrs Travels really think ahead. ^_^

Mr Travels coaxed Mrs Travels and I to watch a scary movie, so we ended up watching Wolf Creek, which wasn’t entirely scary, just gross. Am I getting immune to very mild scary movies, maybe! Mr Travels also made me some sweet version of cous cous… hmmm, how comes he served me a lot? I don’t eat THAT much. :p Think I prefer savoury cous cous. 

Our evening almost ended up being a good one but Missy I was apparently awake listening in on us, and got into trouble because of that…. Oh dear. 

End of Day 5 and 6.

Marseille (May2017) – Day 4: Return to Aix en Provence

Day 4- Tuesday 16th May

Last year when I went to Aix (pronounced X) I was a bit disappointed as it too me a long time to get there but had no chance to view the market. 
This year was a little different. Mr Travels happened to be heading towards Aix on this day for a training session, so I jumped at the opportunity to go… Going by car takes a shorter time, and a far better way to travel there! 
We went via the motorway, so there was a lot of traffic that morning. 
Mr Travels had to drop me off at the bus stop, and he asked an old lady if the buses at this bus stop was heading towards Aix. Yep, those buses were heading towards Aix. I think I took the bus 20, and I forgot how much it was for a single fare.

With a jolt on the bus, and we were off… I always seem to lose my grip on public transport, I stumble when I don’t have a good grip on the bars. ¬_¬””

I kept looking outside the window just in case I might miss my stop, but I saw a market ahead, and made my way out of the bus. Waved at the driver to say thanks. ^_^

Started to walk around, and it just felt like I was there the day before, I actually remembered the roads and the routes to some of the places in the back streets. LOL! What a good memory I have… but maybe it’s because I got lost a few times around the area.

Well the market seemed more for tourists than for the local peeps. Tried to buy some materials for Miss Vegan, but they were driving a hard bargain, so I bought some plain stuff… There were some secondhand stalls, but most of the stuff was expensive… or a reasonable price. It’s not like the market that I went to Marseille City last year – now that was fun!

Well walked around for a few hours trying to find something to explore… I think Miss Pinky would have stopped here if she had the chance… ^_^

It was time for luuuuuunch!! I couldn’t decide, but went for a “Quick” lunch. LOL!! I spoke in Anglais, because my French is just to crap these days.

I sat outside in the hot sun, so I had my apple crumble dessert first… Yum yum!!

Then onto the burger which had some French mustard, fresh salad and a medium rare beef burger… Oooh, nice! You don’t get medium rare burgers cooked liked this in fast food restaurants. 

Time to walk around again, but I got bored, so I went to the train station and bought my ticket to go back to Port de Bouc… tried to use the electronic machines, but realised I need one of those travelling cards, so I managed to find the ticket office… Gosh the French guy at the desk looked a bit unpleasant, but I managed to throw off a positive attitude… ^_^

Had to get a late train to Marseille City, so I walked back out to the centre of Aix, trying to get tanned but it was just too hot for me! Then I went back to the station and sat there doodling. ^_^

It was just after 3 pm when I got to Marseille… Mrs Travels had asked me to buy some stuff, so I walked fast to a tourist shop before my next train came, bought her stuff and some sovenirs…, then it was straight back to the train station to find a loo!

I’m sure that’s an Invader piece…. Have I seen this before?

My dreaded stairs… who built this station?!!

Managed to get back in time. Mr Travels’ mother came to visit, and she had dropped off a lot of food! ^_^ She knows I like her food!! It was couscous and stew that night.

The day was fun even though I didn’t buy or do much. Good small trip going back and forth!

End of Day 4.

Marseille (May 2017) – Day 2 & 3: Eat, Eat and Eat

I didn’t do much on Days 2 and 3 in portable Bouc…. (I’m sure I’ve published this… but somehow it’s reverted back to the draft version!!

Day 2 – Sunday 14th May

Didn’t do much on Day 2. Went out shopping in the local market, and just fascinated with round courgettes and very small melons. The larger ones must be the ones they sell off to the rest of the EU!

Not much was going on this day… ended up drawing this… Scary manga!

Bought Mrs Travels some roast duck seasoning, but she used it on this leg of lamb… Wow… It tasted like roast duck! Amazing!!

Day 3 – Monday 15th May

Day 3 was again a lazy day… And Mrs Travels made a lot of pizza!! Loads!!

End of Days 2 & 3.

Marseille (May 2017) – Day 1: an early start

It’s that time of the year again!! I went off and too a break from studying to go and see The Travels Family before Ramadan had started. ^_^
Day 1 – Saturday 13th May

I treated myself that morning and took an Addison Lee cab to get to Victoria Station. And I’m happy I did, because I hate waiting for the bus with my big suitcase… plus I hate crawling my luggage very early in the morning and waking up people with the wheels making so much noise. >_<""

When I got to Victoria Station, the gates wouldn’t take my Oyster Card so I followed the escalator downwards and decided to look for a card reader so that I wouldn’t get fined at the airport. I found an Oyster Card reader between Platforms 14 and 15, and so when I touched out at the airport it only cost me £8 something compared the actual Gatwick Express fee of £15… One Twitter user said it was a scam from National Rail! 😮 Anyway, don’t be fooled, and also try and not use the Express service. And for some reason the train messages will say that they can’t use Oyster when you use the Express train! 🤔 That’s a lie too, as their website said they do! Lies from Gatwick Express. Shame on you. 😠
Arrived at the airport in good time. Got lost at check-in, went up and down the escalator, but used the self service diligently, and also paid the extra £40 charge for heavy luggage. Heheheh. It was worth it, as my luggage was overweight when coming back but didn’t have to pay anything.
I must listen to my own words in future as the Euro really sells badly at the airports. Always go to a high street store!
I had my breakfast in a quiet Moroccan restaurant. The other places looked too busy for me to go to…
Then it was time to leave the country! It was raining in Britain and thankfully I was leaving the rain behind me.

I like sitting next to the window but I hate it when the flights are fully packed!

Arrived in Marseille Provence around 11am. I think the Travels family were happy for me to be early rather than late this time round (last year was awkward timing! It was rush, rush rush last year).
This year, it seemed they decided I that I am capable of using public transport to get to their home three-quarters of the way. Hahahah. We’ll it is cheaper than getting a taxi and petrol for Mr Travels. So I stood at the bus stand number 5 and waited for the number 38 bus to Martigues (I had forgotten all my French when I spoke to the person at the ticket office). Just to let you know, you have to put your own luggage in the lower part of the bus, as the inside of the bus is very narrow. It costs €4.30 still, and you pay on the bus. Prices haven’t changed since last year. 

Mr Travels met me after 1pm at Martigues Police Station stop. Missy S came along too who was very shy and quiet after a year. But we chatted along the way…
By the time I got there it was time to go to the beach… So I has to get a train from Port de Bouc to Sausset Les Pins.
I got to Sausset, and Missy I was at a friends party, and so we walked around waiting for Missy I. The weather kind of got cold as we walked…  Huh? What’s happened to this strange weather? The Travels Family always blame me when I come to visit… >_<""
Anyway, we got to eat some fresh churros after that long walk. 😃😃😃

We went back to the Travel’s Family home, and I travelled back by train…
The girls pointed out this strange fruit that was growing outside their home… looks like a mango fruit. LOL!

Every time I go back to see the Travels Family, there’s always an event going on locally… This was a hip hop competition for the area. Some were very good to watch. ^_^

Well, it was a long day. I was mostly the tired one.
But got to sleep on their sofa once again. Heheheh.

End of Day 1.

Japanese Kit Kat – Hokkaido Melon Flavour

Ah, I love my classmates from my Japanese language class… whenever they go to Japan they always bring back something tasty!!
This time I’m trying out the Hokkaido Melon flavoured Kit Kat. ^_^ Something different! Yippee!!

Yep, it tastes like melon in that white chocolate. Sweet like all the other Kit Kats!! ^_^  I’m sure you don’t need me to describe it… because I’ve actually forgotten the exact taste of it. >.<""

A colleague of mine went to Japan recently, and she brought back these massive melon flavoured Pocky sticks which I’ve never seen before! I thought she had forgotten to buy me some snacks… (had to return a favour!)… But I didn’t have the guts to tell her I’ve already tried out the Sakura Matcha Kit Kat flavour. :p

New £1 Coin

Do you look confused when you see this new pound coin?
Yes! I do too. Looks like an edgy coin. >.<"" heheheheheh

It’s been released since May, and this my first ever new coin. The old £1 coins will end it’s usage on October 15th at midnight, so get changing your pound coins!! ^_^

Not one of my favourite coins of Britain (which confuses lots with a €1 … and a £2 coin even. :p

Capital Ring Walk – Sections 14 and 15

I’m freeeee! No more intense Japanese studying for a bit until some new exam comes up. 🤣 Still a few months behind from blogging but will try my best to catch up!
For Londoners wanting a walk why not try out the Capital Ring Walk which is basically a path designed for Londoners to walk through the Travel Zone 3 and 4 area.
Ms LüFù suggested we should try this walk, so before Easter time, Miss Money, Ms LüFù and I went for Walk 14 and 15, which starts from Hackney Wick to Beckton District Park, and then from Beckton to Woolwich Arsenal. 
I met Miss Money first at Stratford then we took the Overground to Hackney Wick to meet up with Ms LüFù.
At Hackney Wick Station, the first thing you would be interested in are the hilarious political posts of street art. My favourite stuff. The things that wouldn’t be able to see on TV.

Once you’ve gone through the street art you’ll see these signs.

Keep an eye out for them when you do this walk as they will (kind of) guide you through the trail.

Some of the walk signs are not where you think they will be, so read your guide! In the distance in the Olympic Stadium, so head towards it.

Go along this bank, just be weary there are runners and cyclists who take this route. 

When you get here. Head to your right. You’ll see a sign for a boat bus but we weren’t sure if it exists.

So which way do you go? I can’t remember, but if you can find the stadium from here you’re on the right track!

Ta-da! The Olympic Stadium!

We went off track a little bit, and had a look at some art pieces on display.

After this part you might get lost trying to find The Greenaway. We headed on a downwards pathway, but we weren’t sure whether to go straight or turn right, so we headed back to where there’s a coffee shop near the art displays and asked someone who gave some clear instructions… We needed to head straight from the downwards pathway. Then find the main street. 

Found the main street, turned left, then we walked straight, crossed the road and found The Greenway.
Did you know this walk actually follows a sewage line? That’s why at The Greenway you’ll see an old sewage building. You’ll see some airvents on the ground and that’s just relieve the carbon monoxide that builds up from our body waste.
Along the walk you will see some bits and pieces… Just don’t walk too far to the end of The Greenway as you’ll reach the motorway (which happened to us). 😅

We had to walk through a residential area. We should have walked down some stairs when we saw a play area on our right hand side.
But we did find our way back into the walk!

This was the last leg of Walk 14. We stopped and had a short lunch. My legs were almost aching. 😣
It was too early to go back home so we decided to take the route Walk 15 of the Capital Ring Walk. 
So Walk 15 starts from Beckton District Park.

We ended up in a community centre for a pee stop. 😆😆😆

We ended up at the entrance of University of East London. There is security, so not sure if there’s a closing and opening times of this area.

Take a left… And just keep walking along the bank!

You might get confused with this sign!

Anyway we wanted along the bankside but it’s tide came in…

At this junction you might get stuck but in fact before you reach this part there’s a gate around the corner where you can push a button to go through.
Ms LüFù had taken this part of the walk before but we kind of went through another street to get back to our main route.

We got to another park…

And finally found the last leg to the ferry that goes across from Woolwich Foot Tunnel to Woolwich Arsenal. There’s actually no foot crossing between both ends of the river.

The boat ride is completely free but be prepared to wait.

A pigeon came along the ride.

This was the end of our journey before returning back home.

Our journey took us around 5 hours, and about 12 kms of walking! Exhausted! 😥
All I wanted was a big drink of juice and water. 😌😌😌
If you do decide to take this walk, bring water, snacks and wear comfortable walking shoes/ trainers. 😄