Capital Ring Walk – Sections 14 and 15

I’m freeeee! No more intense Japanese studying for a bit until some new exam comes up. 🤣 Still a few months behind from blogging but will try my best to catch up!
For Londoners wanting a walk why not try out the Capital Ring Walk which is basically a path designed for Londoners to walk through the Travel Zone 3 and 4 area.
Ms LüFù suggested we should try this walk, so before Easter time, Miss Money, Ms LüFù and I went for Walk 14 and 15, which starts from Hackney Wick to Beckton District Park, and then from Beckton to Woolwich Arsenal. 
I met Miss Money first at Stratford then we took the Overground to Hackney Wick to meet up with Ms LüFù.
At Hackney Wick Station, the first thing you would be interested in are the hilarious political posts of street art. My favourite stuff. The things that wouldn’t be able to see on TV.

Once you’ve gone through the street art you’ll see these signs.

Keep an eye out for them when you do this walk as they will (kind of) guide you through the trail.

Some of the walk signs are not where you think they will be, so read your guide! In the distance in the Olympic Stadium, so head towards it.

Go along this bank, just be weary there are runners and cyclists who take this route. 

When you get here. Head to your right. You’ll see a sign for a boat bus but we weren’t sure if it exists.

So which way do you go? I can’t remember, but if you can find the stadium from here you’re on the right track!

Ta-da! The Olympic Stadium!

We went off track a little bit, and had a look at some art pieces on display.

After this part you might get lost trying to find The Greenaway. We headed on a downwards pathway, but we weren’t sure whether to go straight or turn right, so we headed back to where there’s a coffee shop near the art displays and asked someone who gave some clear instructions… We needed to head straight from the downwards pathway. Then find the main street. 

Found the main street, turned left, then we walked straight, crossed the road and found The Greenway.
Did you know this walk actually follows a sewage line? That’s why at The Greenway you’ll see an old sewage building. You’ll see some airvents on the ground and that’s just relieve the carbon monoxide that builds up from our body waste.
Along the walk you will see some bits and pieces… Just don’t walk too far to the end of The Greenway as you’ll reach the motorway (which happened to us). 😅

We had to walk through a residential area. We should have walked down some stairs when we saw a play area on our right hand side.
But we did find our way back into the walk!

This was the last leg of Walk 14. We stopped and had a short lunch. My legs were almost aching. 😣
It was too early to go back home so we decided to take the route Walk 15 of the Capital Ring Walk. 
So Walk 15 starts from Beckton District Park.

We ended up in a community centre for a pee stop. 😆😆😆

We ended up at the entrance of University of East London. There is security, so not sure if there’s a closing and opening times of this area.

Take a left… And just keep walking along the bank!

You might get confused with this sign!

Anyway we wanted along the bankside but it’s tide came in…

At this junction you might get stuck but in fact before you reach this part there’s a gate around the corner where you can push a button to go through.
Ms LüFù had taken this part of the walk before but we kind of went through another street to get back to our main route.

We got to another park…

And finally found the last leg to the ferry that goes across from Woolwich Foot Tunnel to Woolwich Arsenal. There’s actually no foot crossing between both ends of the river.

The boat ride is completely free but be prepared to wait.

A pigeon came along the ride.

This was the end of our journey before returning back home.

Our journey took us around 5 hours, and about 12 kms of walking! Exhausted! 😥
All I wanted was a big drink of juice and water. 😌😌😌
If you do decide to take this walk, bring water, snacks and wear comfortable walking shoes/ trainers. 😄

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