Marseille (May 2017) – Day 1: an early start

It’s that time of the year again!! I went off and too a break from studying to go and see The Travels Family before Ramadan had started. ^_^
Day 1 – Saturday 13th May

I treated myself that morning and took an Addison Lee cab to get to Victoria Station. And I’m happy I did, because I hate waiting for the bus with my big suitcase… plus I hate crawling my luggage very early in the morning and waking up people with the wheels making so much noise. >_<""

When I got to Victoria Station, the gates wouldn’t take my Oyster Card so I followed the escalator downwards and decided to look for a card reader so that I wouldn’t get fined at the airport. I found an Oyster Card reader between Platforms 14 and 15, and so when I touched out at the airport it only cost me £8 something compared the actual Gatwick Express fee of £15… One Twitter user said it was a scam from National Rail! 😮 Anyway, don’t be fooled, and also try and not use the Express service. And for some reason the train messages will say that they can’t use Oyster when you use the Express train! 🤔 That’s a lie too, as their website said they do! Lies from Gatwick Express. Shame on you. 😠
Arrived at the airport in good time. Got lost at check-in, went up and down the escalator, but used the self service diligently, and also paid the extra £40 charge for heavy luggage. Heheheh. It was worth it, as my luggage was overweight when coming back but didn’t have to pay anything.
I must listen to my own words in future as the Euro really sells badly at the airports. Always go to a high street store!
I had my breakfast in a quiet Moroccan restaurant. The other places looked too busy for me to go to…
Then it was time to leave the country! It was raining in Britain and thankfully I was leaving the rain behind me.

I like sitting next to the window but I hate it when the flights are fully packed!

Arrived in Marseille Provence around 11am. I think the Travels family were happy for me to be early rather than late this time round (last year was awkward timing! It was rush, rush rush last year).
This year, it seemed they decided I that I am capable of using public transport to get to their home three-quarters of the way. Hahahah. We’ll it is cheaper than getting a taxi and petrol for Mr Travels. So I stood at the bus stand number 5 and waited for the number 38 bus to Martigues (I had forgotten all my French when I spoke to the person at the ticket office). Just to let you know, you have to put your own luggage in the lower part of the bus, as the inside of the bus is very narrow. It costs €4.30 still, and you pay on the bus. Prices haven’t changed since last year. 

Mr Travels met me after 1pm at Martigues Police Station stop. Missy S came along too who was very shy and quiet after a year. But we chatted along the way…
By the time I got there it was time to go to the beach… So I has to get a train from Port de Bouc to Sausset Les Pins.
I got to Sausset, and Missy I was at a friends party, and so we walked around waiting for Missy I. The weather kind of got cold as we walked…  Huh? What’s happened to this strange weather? The Travels Family always blame me when I come to visit… >_<""
Anyway, we got to eat some fresh churros after that long walk. 😃😃😃

We went back to the Travel’s Family home, and I travelled back by train…
The girls pointed out this strange fruit that was growing outside their home… looks like a mango fruit. LOL!

Every time I go back to see the Travels Family, there’s always an event going on locally… This was a hip hop competition for the area. Some were very good to watch. ^_^

Well, it was a long day. I was mostly the tired one.
But got to sleep on their sofa once again. Heheheh.

End of Day 1.

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