Marseille (May 2017) – Day 2 & 3: Eat, Eat and Eat

I didn’t do much on Days 2 and 3 in portable Bouc…. (I’m sure I’ve published this… but somehow it’s reverted back to the draft version!!

Day 2 – Sunday 14th May

Didn’t do much on Day 2. Went out shopping in the local market, and just fascinated with round courgettes and very small melons. The larger ones must be the ones they sell off to the rest of the EU!

Not much was going on this day… ended up drawing this… Scary manga!

Bought Mrs Travels some roast duck seasoning, but she used it on this leg of lamb… Wow… It tasted like roast duck! Amazing!!

Day 3 – Monday 15th May

Day 3 was again a lazy day… And Mrs Travels made a lot of pizza!! Loads!!

End of Days 2 & 3.

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