You Are A Unicorn by Vincent Vincent

Have you ever found yourself bored and want to doodle on the train, on the bus, in the library? Well, if so, then this is the book for you!
Sidetracking from the norm I’m introducing a doodle book / journal for you all created by the author Vincent Vincent who is a writer, illustrator and graphic designer. 
Take it everywhere with you, go on holiday with it, there’s lots of POSITIVE activities, skip pages and just doodle, write words and talk about you, yourself and basically just everything about you.
Whilst in France waiting for my train, I took the opportunity to do some drawings…  I drew my cartoon self (minus the glasses), as it said “Draw a Self Portrait”… I might add another version of myself in the book with glasses on. ^_^
Then this page says “Fill this page with scribbles”. So I imagined myself as Van Gogh, the Chinese version, and scribbled like a mad woman and making flowers with scribbles. 😄
As well as doodling, there are some pages which asks you to describe yourself, your attributes, what makes you feel good etc., etc. It’s a think positive journal about you.
I have lots of pages to fill in!
If you need a feel good doodle and somewhere to describe your positive energies, then this is the book you need! Just don’t forget the colour pens, pencils and felt tips!
It’s priced at £9.98 on Amazon: 
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