Kyoto Baked Chocolat

I must’ve been having the worst days of my life on this day.
Just returned back to work from France, and already work was stressing me out, and now getting to Japanese class was incredibly difficult. There was a bike accident and basically Waterloo bridge was packed with buses and vehicles. Traffic jam and no announcements along the road!! Grrrrr.
When I got to class (about 15 minutes late and very peed off), I was hot and sweaty. 😦
But this sweet delicacy cheered me up. One of my classmates went to Kyoto for three weeks and bought snacks (see colleague, this is stuff she could have got me… not Kit Kat that I’ve already had :p).

It was like a soft cake surrounded by green matcha tea, I could hardly taste the chocolate. Was there any chocolate inside? I don’t know… Didn’t go for a second one but at least I got to try something different!

At the end of the lesson I walked over Waterloo Bridge that evening hoping that the buses would be running after that evening’s event… and they were! Phew.

End of horrible day!!

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