Southampton May Bank Holiday Trip

Ah… tired of work and management… Fighting battles is so tiring!! On with blogging!!

Miss Pinky invited me to come along with her to Southampton. Mr Picky’s family were house-sitting for one of the brothers who recently got married and went on honeymoon… So I tagged along on the last May bank holiday weekend. I did mention to her that I was staying for one night, but Miss Pinky didn’t even tell Mr Picky’s parents. ¬_¬””

Anyway, Miss Pinky took a morning train from Waterloo, I forgot the price of my ticket but it was less than £20… Miss Pinky and I sat on the train moaning about work and reminiscing our past of this familiar train journey (well half-way of it)…

We got to Southhampton around lunchtime… and we took the wrong exit! ¬_¬”” We were at the bus transfer end…

What the heck is the Common People Bus Stop by the way? We are common people who are not able to brand ourselves as whatever class we need to call ourselves. LOL!

We were only a short ride away from the house that we were house-sitting, and Baby B was fast asleep… After a small tour around the house, I kind of stood over Baby B who was trying to turn and go back to sleep again, but she heard my voice and called me Godma… Awwwwww. She recognised my voice!! (That made me extremely happy). ^_^

As soon as she woke up, she was looking for her mummy Miss Pinky, LOL, that means we needed to take her out… Yay!! A trip around Southampton… They have a long high street, very long… It’s likes there’s no end to it! >_<""
Dinner time approached, and Baby B’s grandma made us a big dinner using Lidl’s Chinese dinner pack… Never tried this before…

In short, the evening consisted of chatting, trying to get Baby B to sleep (it was a battle) and a bit of drinking…  :p

Next day…

Before I left (and told the grandparents I needed to go as I needed to do some database work for work T_T) we all went out to find something to do… Trying to find the place where the locals went for crabbing…

Crabbing? Sounds like a dirty word. Hahahaha. >_<"" But in fact it's a term where people go and use fresh meat or some sort of bait to catch crabs. I think most of the people let them go back into the water… They seem too small to eat.

Baby B had a look… Not very interested though. Hahahaha!

That was a very short trip… but it started raining. Baby was kind of whinging… she needed a nappy change… But before we got to stop, rest and eat we saw some live cows in the middle of the road. Wow. Reminded of us of our trip in Cyprus where we saw lots of goats/sheep trying to cross the road. Heheheh.

In the end we ended up in a local pub and I had this lamb shank… yum, yum, yum… Very filling!!

It was time for me to go home, and I think Baby B didn’t want me to go… Awww… Godma Geek is very busy!! I think we would have been all squashed in the car anyway… >_<""

Enjoyed my short time visiting the middle south of England. ^_^

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