Rum Kitchen – London Brixton

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Brixton and also write a restaurant review… Where has the time gone?
In recent times (I mean in the past few months) so many people have left my workplace because they’re fed up of management. My colleagues and ex-colleagues haven’t been happy in the past year or so… It’s been a tiresome battle of people getting to listen in most cases. Grrrrr, times have changed for the worst! 
One of my colleagues from another department but have known for a long time is one of those who was not happy with her then manager, so she left and threw a small party / get together in Brixton. I’m so out-of-date with the eateries in Brixton, I don’t remember the area being so trendy. In the old days I would never enter Brixton without being scared of what could happen… 
My ex-colleague chose Rum Kitchen, she just gave me the address at the time and never gave me the name to look it up. ¬_¬” … I had a browse on the Internet, and decided in my head what I wanted to order… I came a tiny bit late. It was pissing with rain at the time.

When I got there, most of the party peeps had already ordered and was about to eat…
I ordered this Mocha Refashioned, which consists of coffee and a mixture of alcohol… It tasted like Irish Coffee… >_<" Very strong stuff.

Ordered this Roti Pizza as well… Gosh it was actually really messy to eat. Very filling, but I think I should have ordered half instead of a whole one. I can usually eat a whole medium sized pizza, but this was ridiculously filling…

The roti was actually quite messy to get into, crumbs were everywhere. I felt that it could have at least been sliced like an American pizza. It was tought to get through… another colleague had to help me out…


My ex-colleague treated us to cocktails in the end… Had a good time chatting with them and getting some gossip… LOL!!

Total cost at the Rum Kitchen was £21… Forgot if I had to pay service charge…

My geeky rating: 4/5

Good points:
– Polite service

Bad points:
– Slightly expensive
– Messy eating style

Address: 437 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LN
Tel: 020 3668 2539


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