Hare and Tortoise Japanese Restaurant – London Brunswick Centre

By the time I post this I will know my JLPT results. Did I fail or did I pass??? … (see at the very end of this post). ^_^

It was the start of July, finished studying for the JLPT N5 exam, took the exam and there was some sort of relief. After the exam I talked to some of my fellow classmates who came out after me. It was a stressful weekend… Miss Money also took the exam and she took the highest level N1 – BUT hardly even studied for it!! ¬_¬”” So unfair. Let’s hope she at least passed this exam. 

Moving on swiftly to this restaurant… I was surprised that it wasn’t really run by Japanese staff. Miss Money, why did you take me here?
There was a lot of choice on the menu, so it was quite difficult to decide what to have. In the end we had this…
I had a mixed juice and Miss Money had a lemon something or wotnot… ¬_¬”

Miss Money had the chicken katsu curry. The chicken was nice and crispy.

I had the Curry Laksa ramen which was filled with a curry coconut taste. It wasn’t very spicy which is what I had wanted… was quite disappointed that there was no extreme spicy kick in the soup. 😦 Ramen wasn’t the greatest of all… but had to bear with it.

Miss Money ordered the okonomiyaki sticks… these were ok, tasted like okonomiyaki but for me it tasted like processed food. ¬_¬” 

I ordered the mixed tempura… batter was a little bland, but I was ok to eat this. >_<""

I came back to work the day after my exam, and this is how I find my Pikachu cushion… Don’t call him Pudsy! How dare my colleague do this!!

Total came to £38.80.

My geeky rating: 4/5

Good points:
Ok service
– Not too expensive

Bad points:
– Food was quite bland or not to my taste really

Address: 11-13 Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1AF
Tel: 020 7278 9799

Website: http://www.hareandtortoise.co.uk/

I passed the JLPT N5 exam!! 90/180!! Very pleased with this result compared to last year (although I wanted 100 points). :p And Miss Money? She shockingly got 180/180 for the JLPT N1 – 100%!! >_<" Very frustrating, as she only revised for a few days (and she had lived in Japan for 4 years during her high school years)… But I'm hoping this gives her more confidence in her future exams in accounting and other stuff. 

Next, is to revise for JLPT N4 and HSK Level 3… Such a sad geeky life…


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