Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain – Day 1: Screaming

Wednesday 5th July 

Guess what?

Baby B went on her first flight! 
Miss Pinky and I planned to take a break from the City of Stress, I mean London uh hm, for a few days… Miss Pinky used as Jet2Holidays allows you to pay in installments 10 weeks before the holiday starts… Unfortunately we booked 9 weeks in advance and Miss Pinky ended up paying the whole holiday in one go. Sorry Miss Pinky but at least you paid this time round! 
The time came in early July. I managed to sleep a few hours. We took a taxi to Liverpool Street that morning as we had 3 pieces of luggage, a buggy and Baby B. It was a stressful morning… I actually thought I lost my phone at one point but it was in my bag. Phew.  😣 We bought our train tickets to Stansted for £29 as Miss Pinky had a monthly travelcard on her… So it was made cheaper.
When we got to the airport, we spent a fairly loooong time at security. Our bags were kept behind. Miss Pinky had something and mine was because I had my USB cable in a charger. 😏😏😏 Even Heathrow and Gatwick are better than this… OMG. Thankfully I said to Miss Pinky that we should be there early (she didn’t believe me that this part would be the nightmarish part… Told you Miss Pinky who hasn’t travelled for 2 years ++).
Since it was Baby B’s first time on the plane she didn’t know much about plane manners. The main one was to keep the table top upright and not to play with it as it will the person in front.😅😅😅 Sorry passenger in front of us.

Miss Pinky and I managed to take short naps whilst Baby B looked after herself by watching Peppa Pig.

Her next new experience was when were about to land… She’s never experienced her ears popping and Miss Pinky had lost her dummy at that point… Why Miss Pinky?!!!!!! So what happened? Baby B decided to scream her head off. We really did try to calm her down… And I kept saying out loud and laughing at the same time that this was her first flight. 🤣🤣🤣

When we got off the flight (we were the last ones off) we were at the end of the queue for passport control… There was a long queue, so we waited patiently… British mentality!!
Baby B was restless, but also scared when we got to the either side of passport control. Had to get our luggage… and the wailing and screams came back. Baby B wanted food and attention. Plus Peppa Pig! It’s very echoey in the arrivals section.
The cost of the trip included a transfer to the hotel. Very lucky, as we realised the route the coach was taking us was a very long and exhausting one… Baby B needed to drag her attention away from the boredom so was given my tablet to watch Peppa Pig and, Ben and Holly.
We finally got to our destination with the help of a German tourist who was staying in the same hotel… Thanks to the tourist! Checked in. Went to our room which wasn’t that spacious but bearable… Then off we went. Before we went, Miss Pinky and I were a bit argumentative with each other (a one off for this trip, I swear)… I thought I lost my tablet, but it was in my luggage. I also thought Baby B did not need my tablet whilst we’re out. She needs controlling. If she’s bored, then she can play with other things. Miss Pinky on the other hand didn’t think so… We needed time out!!
Low sugar levels. Not been on holiday for 2 years together… But we reconciled. (Actually I couldn’t believe Miss Pinky was going through karma mode… She needs to try that more often with Mr Picky!!). And following that, Baby B slept! No tablet needed… Phew! Cheers to an almost disastrous start.

We sat in the adjourning restaurant and ordered two San Miguels and a mix of grilled meat… I think we both were satisfied and happy that our sugar levels went back up to normal.

Afterwards, we went for a walk around the beach and headed where we saw signs for shopping… Carrefour was my main interest. I wanted to compare the Spanish one to the French. Lol! 

Baby B was awake by the time we were almost there… I think she was a bit grouchy because she just woke up and didn’t want take pictures.

We went into the shopping, went into Primark, didn’t buy anything, then went back to the hotel… Miss Pinky managed to take a nap whilst Baby B watched Spanish cartoons… I moved her pram to make her more comfortable, then I fell asleep for about half an hour before realising we left Baby B to fend for herself… Baby was staring at me, and I think she was happy that one of us was awake. Miss Pinky remained asleep before we had dinner of noodles. Heheheh.

Stressful first day of our holiday!

End of Day 1.

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