Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain – Day 2: Beach Time

Thursday 6th July 

The choice for the day was… Beach or go shopping?

Beach it was. Baby B chose well. We had no swimsuit for her but thankfully it wasn’t too hot for her. I think Miss Pinky said it was Baby B’s first time to go on a sandy beach. Wooow. Really? Anyway, we took her to the edge of the sea so she could experience the waves. They were coming in quite quickly. She was shocked but also happy at the same time. I think she enjoyed it.

The beach was quite bearable with the weather at this time, so Baby B ended up playing with the sand in her wet feet

Miss Pinky and Baby B decided to walk off for a bit. Miss Pinky was searching for seashells to collect and bring back home. She’s very good at picking them up from the sea! 

Me on the other hand sat at the beach and buried my feet in sand.

Wooooow… Miss Pinky’s catch of seashells! They are so big and pretty!

Then, it was time for Baby B to experience being buried in sand… Hahahahaha!!

It was time to head back to the hotel and make some lunch. Baguette? We weren’t in France, but at least there was a bakery across the street from the hotel. We stuffed our baguettes with local slices of cheese and chorizo… yummy! I think I added some ketchup in mine. Heheheh.

Also from the local bakery was this pastry. I thought it would be ultra sweet like a danish, but nope it wasn’t sweet. The middle part is actually filled with some sort of jelly. Overall it was a pastry which didn’t suit my taste buds. But Baby B liked it! ^_^

We went to the bar at the front of the hotel to relax and do nothing… Baby B ended up falling asleep…

I ended up having a pina colada… a really nice cold one!

And we ended up playing a card game… at that time I was winning, Miss Pinky was a little angry… LOL!!!!

Finally we did one more trip to the shopping mall. This is the major super difference between France and Spain… the amount of dried legs of ham on display! Spain wins on this!

That evening, from the hotel room, there was a lovely sunset going… Beautiful…

At that point I was snacking on gluten free, lactose free crisps. Yummy!

And also had a glass of sangria…

We were very chilled on our second day… And relaaaaaxxxx…

End of Day 2.

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