Baby B goes to Costa del Sol, Spain – Day 3: Too hoooot!

Friday 7th July

Oh.My.Days! Third day into our holiday and the weather just became even hotter! I think it reached up to 33/34 degrees Celcius on this day…. Whaaaaaa. I really wanted to cry in this heat.
Baby B chose to go to the beach and this time in proper swimwear bought from Primark…
We went to the beach, but we walked so far that we ended up in a crowded area… added more suntan lotion on, and off we went towards the sea… The sand was very hot, and I don’t think Baby B enjoyed it this time round… Miss Pinky went off to find more seashells (and I only grabbed one)… It was very, very hoooooot!!! We couldn’t stand the heat, so we only spent half an hour there. 😦

As we walked back, we had a drink… had another pina colada but in a pineapple shaped cup… ^_^

Lunch consisted of a supermarket bought Spanish omelette, pan fried toast, chorizo and cheese… We were being cheapskates… Tried to avoid eating at restaurants as Baby B can be a fussy eater at the moment.

Took an evening walk and we ended up this very far playground…

Then we walked back… I forgot what Miss Pinky called this statue… The armless guy near the hotel. ¬_¬” Argh, I remember! “The Buttcheek Man”. LOL!!!

Meal for the evening consisted of more supermarket food!!

Cooked frozen rice with already cooked chicken… ^_^””

It was a fairly short but sweet day, but it was defo too hot to do anything.

End of Day 3.

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