Veramar Hotel – Costa del Sol, Spain

This is the hotel we stayed in. Veramer Hotel. It’s near the beach, a 5 minute walk. Very close to the supermarket. There’s a bakery and there’s a few restaurants to choose from.
Since Baby B is a fussy eater (not that fussy… but she likes chips, fish fingers and waffles at the moment), we chose a hotel where we were allowed to cook.

We were a bit surprised with the spacing… there was hardly any room to move. Two single beds and a cot… There is a balcony, aircon and a small TV on the wall…

Bathroom was ok! We loved the shower… It was very welcoming.

Toilet was in a strange place and they also provide a bidet! Wow. It’s the first time I’ve seen a hotel provide this. I guess some people have problems with their bottoms… Too much spicy food, huh.

Sorry for the messy kitchen… The main problems of the kitchen were… NO KETTLE and toaster… How does a kitchen cope without a kettle? The cups were quite small, but I’m so happy I brought my mug from Algarve… My trusty mug. Hehehehe. 

The cot… you may need to ask for extra bedding for the cot…

Well, we did have a nice stay, staff were friendly all over.
I think our only main complaint was the kettle situation… But everything was ok. The lift is a little awkward, but you can also use the stairs…
It’s close to everything, and close to the airport if you take the motorway to get there!
If you’re planning to use the sun chairs and swimming pool, make sure to bring your own towels instead of the hotel’s…plus get there early!

Address: Calle Burgos, 2, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain
Tel: +34 952 58 05 00


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