Hyper Japan 2017 @ Tobacco Docks

Trying to speed through my remaining posts from the past two months… Speedily I write… And apologies for writing a fairly short article!
Hyper Japan Summer 2017 was in Tobacco Docks between July 14th to 16th.
This year I went on a Saturday morning. And just for the morning session. It was amazingly a quiet entry compared to all the years I’ve been going to. This year, we went through the car park. Scandalous! LOL!!

Went to most of the stalls and had a look before I decided to purchase anything. I took fewer pictures of people in costumes this year… (I think I’ve outgrown the pretty costumes… 😦 sumimasen! )

I ended up in the live stage area…

… and I just missed the first band! Broken Doll.

Got to see The Sixth Lie, who practically deafened my ears with their modern Japanese rock music.

Then lots of people left and I got to see Fuka Mariwo and her dancer…

Moso Calibration came on, they were like a typical Japanese girl band…

I was quite thirsty, so I spent a bit on bubble tea!

And I couldn’t miss these peeps!! Hibiki Ichikawa, Akari Mochizuki and also a guitarist Hide Takemoko… plus the students! I’ve grown accustomed watching these peeps from almost all the Hyper Japan events they come to… ^_^

Then I did my final walk around the area… Spotted Farfetch’d which is Mr Games’s fave Pokémon at the moment… Haven’t been playing Pokémon Go for a month or so now… Got bored of it!

Some dancing classes going on here… ^_^

And Miss Pinky’s favourite alcohol… Prosecco!! ¬_¬”” This was outside… there were long queues for food…

In the end I went home early… More like I went early to avoid traffic, people and to find food!! I went to Wasabi opposite Liverpool Street Station and had some yakisoba… hungry!!
Here’s some of the miniatures (apart from the Hello Kitty) I bought for my pot plants… They’ve actually all moved to the cacti pot as Miss Vegan said she would take the mysterious tree plant for her friend…

Next Hyper Japan is at the end of November… I’m going to check the schedules before deciding on buying tickets… I might end up going…

Website: https://hyperjapan.co.uk/

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