Zing Zing 调味 Chinese Food. Delivered – London Walworth Road

Ah… for some reason the blogging app and website don’t sync! Had to rewrite some of this…
A long awaited post for those who live in the area of Walworth Road (not Elephant and Castle). Not sure why restaurants in the area like to place their addresses in the vicinity of Elephant and Castle, when they are clearly in Walworth! Get your geography right peeps… Elephant and Castle is technically part of Walworth and Newington (confusing, I know) – Part of Lambeth and Southwark… Awkward!
Geography lesson over. Let’s get on with the food! 
So Zing Zing! Is not the actual pronunciation of those two Chinese characters that are displayed. 调味 (Mando: tiao wei; Canto: tiu mei) means “seasoning” which gives the “zing zing” on our food. All our food needs a bit of Zing Zing I guess.
Zing Zing! is slotted between some not so obvious shops so it’s easily missed with their black outer layer and shop sign saying “Chinese food. Delivered”. 😅

Inside the tiny takeaway serves the not so typical Chinese foods but actually a variety of Asian foods like Korean and Thai foods. It’s pretty much a Pan Asian takeaway. (Should they really be using the word “Chinese” for their foods? Controversial!).

Ordered a few dishes. 4 dishes to be exact. The nice thing about this place, although small, you can see the chefs cook. Took a little while to cook but I didn’t mind since it was raining heavily outside. 🌧
These are the free Thai prawn crackers I got… (actually got 2 boxes… Think the guy serving probably thought I didn’t get any). 😅 
This is the salt and pepper squid. The squid had enough zing zing on top, fried nicely and was not rubbery at all. Nice and soft.

I think this dish is quite popular. Sweet and sour chicken. It wasn’t too sweet and not too sour, had a nice texture… I would go for this dish again!

The Chilli beef strips were a little tough but it tasted amazing! A nice lot of zing zing here!!

The beef chow mein was really tasty!! It reminded me of the Chinese fried and dried beef with flat rice noodles… Woooow…!! 

The leftovers were taken to work. Couldn’t waste it!

Total cost came £28.80. Expensive for 4 dishes! I can actually buy more dishes in a normal Chinese takeaway for the same price.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5 (lost a 0.5 because of being expensive)

Good points:
– Very tasty dishes
– Customer service was somewhat ok (but I think arguments can be set aside… Even if they are minor)

Bad points:
– Expensive!

Address: 227 Walworth Rd, London SE171RL
Tel: 020 3745 8696

Website: https://www.zing-zing.co.uk/

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