Return to Whipsnade Park… a different route

Finally returned to Whipsnade Zoo, and with my ZSL yearly pass – so I went in without having to pay for a ticket since I’m a member… which reminds me I need to pop into London Zoo before the end of the year!
This summer, I decided to go to Whipsnade as it’s been a while since I’ve been. This time I took a different route… 
Took a train before 8 in the morning from Elephant and Castle Train Station all the way to St Alban’s Station. I forgot the cost of the train ticket, but it was less than £10.
Then took the Route 35 bus outside the station at Bus Stop D, which is a number 34 but switches to the number 35 upon arrival at St Alban’s station. It’s really a confusing matter!!

I suggest not to go on a Sunday as there are no buses heading towards Whipsnade… You would need to get a taxi.

The return ticket costs £6.80 from St Alban’s to Whipsnade and back again. The drivers take cash unlike the Londoners who just use Oyster. (They need to make Oyster universal around the UK, like what they do in Hong Kong!). It’s a very long journey by the way… I suggest you bring some headphones and a book. 

Entered just before opening time! The early morning journey was worth it, but definitely a killer if you don’t like getting up early.

So now you will see a whole of animal pictures… I walked around for a few hours before it started raining heavily! Sorry for all the elephant pictures too… It’s not my fault I like elephants!

On the return journey, the bus stop is opposite the one you got off (not like the time I had to wait at the same bus stop for my return). The bus will come from the opposite direction (the way you came) and it then turns around to return back to St Alban’s… Very confusing!

Well that’s the end of my small trip back to Whipsnade!!


  • Train from Elephant and Castle to St Alban’s
  • Bus 35 (which changes from Bus 34 at St Alban’s) to Whipsnade Zoo – no buses are available on Sundays!!
  • Go to the opposite bus stop on your return to St Alban’s – the bus will turn around.
  • Train from St Alban’s to Elephant and Castle.

^_^ Safe journey!


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