Cotswolds Day 1: Piggies in Gloucester

Saturday 26th August 

Time for another trip with the troupe. I need to name this troupe… Our Whatsapp group name is called “Beautiful Treasures” (don’t ask… just happens to be this name) so I think I will call this group The Beautiful Treasures whom consist of Miss Money, Mr Games and Mr Sensible. Plus me, The Geek! ^_^ As you may know already we travel together quite often… I actually don’t know why. Just seem to gel together quite well and get on each other’s nerves when we need to.

^_^ During one evening, whilst I was trying to study for the JLPT exam, we suddenly started talking about the Summer Bank Holiday. Where to go this summer??? I can’t remember who said Cotwolds but we ended up choosing this as our trip. I had a long look on AirBnB for a place to stay, but Mr Games ended up booking a hotel. ¬_¬”” All those hours of looking when I should have been studying… 
The Summer Bank Holiday came by really quickly! We all met up with Mr Games and Mr Sensible’s home… Mr Sensible drove us there as he now has a car!! ^_^ Yay… do I really need to start learning to drive? Hmmmm. Can’t put it off … or maybe I can, and then just resit the theory. Sorry Mr Sensible. We’ll rely on you driving for now…

We stopped off at one of those stops in the middle of our journey… I picked up this sushi set. ERK!!! Terrible stuff!! Stale rice and too much vinegar… BLEURGH. Should have had Burger King… 0/10. But I still ate it. 😦

Who had this sweet and sour chicken? Think it was Miss Money… Too watery. No taste! Do these peeps no how to cook?!

We arrived at the hotel we were staying at before 3 pm. Checked in. And thankfully we were on the ground floor as I was tired… Not sure about the others. But I’m sure they were too. I think Miss Money was ready to sprint out and go exploring in an instant. 
So off we went heading towards the city centre of Gloucester. We even got to go over the rail crossing… ^_^ Reminded me of being in Ireland.

Walk, walk, walk and we still hadn’t got there yet!

Finally! Got to the city centre. We went into a bunch of charity shops and took a lot of pictures of the Piggies… Something similar to the Fabergé Eggs and all those sheep in London. >_<"" Were we going to find them all? Maybe…
Went into more shops, and caught Mr Games trying to take a picture of me being extremely tired… I caught you Mr Games! So I gave him a big smile before he tried to take the pic… True tired self hidden! Car rides really make me tired since my trip to Hong Kong… :p

Entered further into Gloucester…

We explored the Cathedral…

And found more piggies…

This is not a piggie! What the heck is it?!!

Finally! Just finally we got to sit down and eat at a Wetherspoons? I didn’t even know the others had already found this place… Used the Wetherspoons app to get the food (don’t worry, the others paid me back…) My burger awaits! Scoff all of it down.

Then it was dessert time… Mr Games and Mr Sensible had this…

Miss Money and I shared this, but Miss Money took so long to go to the loo and back… so I ate some of it… :p

Time to head back…

More piggies!!!

Shopped at ASDA before we reached back to the hotel… And there was a beautiful sunset behind us… 

It was a frigging long day! But I guess it’s always like that on the first day of a trip. I think we all did around 21,000 steps each according to their pedometers. Hahahahahah!! 
Miss Money and I ended up in the boys room, chillaxing, instagramming, surfing the web, drinking and chatting a lot of nonsense… Heheheh.

End of Day 1.

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