Cotswolds Day 2: Bourton-on-the-Water

Sunday 27th August

The Beautiful Treasures (yes we are – giggle) awakened around 8 am, got ready and planned to eat breakfast at the hotel’s buffet… 
There wasn’t that much, but I had what I would usually have at work… There’s actually some sausages and hash browns underneath my toast, but was too lazy to take another picture. Blah.

Well nothing special about my breakfast. Didn’t go for seconds. I think the only person who had a bit more was Miss Money and Mr Games grabbed a couple of more muffins… and the only thing Mr Sensible enjoyed (and me too) was the strong coffee. >_<"" It was on a unanimous vote that we wouldn't be eating breakfast at the hotel's buffet again… 

It seemed I was the one who was the research and giving the others the links to decide on where to go. Miss Money said she wanted to go to the “most beautiful” town in the Cotswolds… Erm, there’s loads to choose from, and they’re all tiny villages so pick and choose it was!
The only decision was made by Miss Money who said we should go to Bourton-on-the-Water, and then do a hike around there. But we had to stop by another beautiful town… and that wasn’t really worth it… It was a very, very tiny town already filled with Chinese tourists. LOL!
We were actually making fun of the name of the town we evetually got to, because when you say Bourton-on-the-Water quite quickly, it sounds like you’re saying Bottom-of-the-Water! LOL! Or Bottle-on-the-Water. It gave us a few laughs along the way. ^_^

Who could these people in front of me be?

The boys needed more coffee. What! So we stopped by a coffee shop located near the post office. Coffee is basically like gold to us…

Time for a walk around. Apparently this town is the Venice of Gloucestershire and the Cotswold. ¬_¬”” Are they serious about that? But the water was clear, and lots of people were playing in it. Surprisingly it was hot on this day, so perfect for a sit and chill day.

We ended up in a tourist guide office, and we were trying to find a good route to hike. So the old lady in the shop highlighted it for us… She must know the area quite well to remember in detail which ways to walk! An extremely important local in the area! She gave us the true Cotwolds hike… a two to three hour walk (more like a four if you break at certain points).

Time to hit the road (after a toilet break)!

We started on a small road, crossed a busy road and climbed over a tiny boundary, then ended up in this field! ^_^ How exciting! Caught up with Mr Sensible… Haven’t spoken to him in general for a while!

We kept walking, and walking, even a family and a dog were following us. I was so hot and breathless at this point as we were going slightly uphill… Man! If Mr Games didn’t tell me, I thought I was really unfit for walking on a level road. ¬_¬” 

True farming look!

I think we ended up at Lower Slaughter at this point… Just be careful of the fast cars… Always walk where the cars are coming from a bend can see you!

The area have a lot of apple trees and raspberries growing in bushes. I’m not sure if we’re allowed to eat them… but these look like such a waste if no one picked them to be eaten… 😦 (There are really a lot of apple trees in the Gloucester area! Mostly wasted!)…

We reached Upper Slaughter!

At this point Mr Games decided to give me a scare… How dare he! ¬_¬”” :p

At this point we have reached the rural town of The Cotwolds…

And entered into a local church…

Next stop was another neighboring area… Stopped by a pub for a drink, but didn’t eat…

We had another 20 minutes of walking time… We almost got lost crossing this area. Miss Money had an obsession throughout the whole journey to go and ride some sheep… Really? Must she think this? Crazy woman!!

Finally ended up back in Bourton-on-the-Water. Thirsty, hot and tired!!!

Ended up in a little cafe and decided on food and drinks… This is a banana milkshare apparently… Hmmmm… I wished it was more slushy. 😦

But the sandwich looked amazing! Unfortunately I didn’t like the crust… was too tough.

I think this is Mr Games’s panini…

Erm, what’s this Mr Sensible? It had no crisps and salad on the side…

And Miss Money also had a panini…

It was time to head back. All of us were tired, apart from Miss Money…
We ended up at the hotel, and it seems I managed to take a nap for half an hour and the boys did too. Miss Money sat on the bed watching TV and going through her phone.
I think Miss Money just has too much energy, even Mr Games asked her why do you have so much energy?!
Now we had to go for the evening walk. We needed to search for the evening food… Miss Money always thought what we’re going to eat next at all times. ¬_¬

We ended up in a Wetherspoons. 
Miss Money has never had a jelly shot before, so we purchased four… one each… money went to charity.

I think I wasn’t extremely hungry, so I ordered a pizza, the cheese and tomato one. Yummy!

On our way back, Miss Money spotted a tiny, tiny frog… How did she spot that in the dark? Amazing… I would have missed this completely…

Time out. Time to sleep!

End of Day 2.

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