Cotswolds Day 3: Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Monday 28th August 

Last day of the Summer Bank Holiday. We checked out of the hotel, skipped buffet breakfast and off we went!

Mr Games had already decided what we were going to do on this day. We were going to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens. Tickets were already bought online…
Before we reached our destination we tried to find a location to eat. Some didn’t open till 10am, one place had a 45 minute wait, one place had a wedding going on, in which I felt their advertising was very misleading. I dare not say where these places are but they were quite near the wildlife park.
We were at the wildlife park just as it was opening…
But before the big tour, we ate a sandwich in their public canteen. 😐 So sad that we couldn’t have a decent brekkie beforehand.  😥

After eating, we started our trek… There’s a lot of animal pictures!

The zookeeper here needed to clean these swan’s home, so one of the swans was grabbed by the next and placed into a neighbouring pen.

We think this hen tried to escape it’s habitat! 😮

The baby goats are so cuuuute. You’re allowed to pet them!

These creatures are mega, mega cute! They just munch away.

This spider monkey has an evil look!

Bats are hard to find!

It was time to go, and I’m glad we came early as more people were coming in! I recommend that if you’re passing Gloucestershire to come and stop by the wildlife park (although I think London Zoo and Whipsnade Park are much more fun!).
We ended up eating our lunch at a service stop with a Subway sandwich and an Iced Americano with an extra shot (I’m addicted to Americanos now) from Starbucks… 
We finally ended up in London between 4 and 5, dropped Miss Money near a tube station, me near my home and the boys drive off into the sunset… 😅
A fun bank holiday weekend! 
I feel like I’ve spent all my holidays this year with all my best travelling friends/mates! Well done Geek! 🤣
End of Day 3.

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