Tombo Fitzrovia とんぼ: Hello Kitty Café pop up – London Windmill St

Update 13/10/2017 – good news! Just received an email from Tombo(!) on one of my personal emails (how?)… The Hello Kitty pop up is being extended to October 22nd 2017!!! Yay!!!

Have you been waiting for this post? I’ve been dying to get this post out, and I’m almost up-to-date with most of my posts!! Yay!!

Had a disastrous morning trying to find this Hello Kitty Café! Was searching online before I went but I think Google was giving me past events and another Tombo branch! ¬_¬”” What is wrong with Google Search… give me up-to-date stuff please!

After almost two hours of travelling here and there and everywhere, plus meeting up quickly with Miss Money to give her a very early birthday present, I finally found this Japanese restaurant along near a side street on Tottenham Court Road and not far from Goodge Street Station.

The Hello Kitty theme at this restaurant is a 6 week event and ends on October 8th. So sorry for my late posting for those extreme Hello Kitty fans in London!!

This is the limited edition of the Hello Kitty menu.

The Hello Kitty section wasn’t over the top (but my food pictures might be a little OTT) ^_^ some kids brought their own Hello Kitty toys along…

Had the Yuzu Kukicha, which is a citrus green tea. This tasted really nice, like a hot lemon tea. It came in a double walled glass so that you wouldn’t fill the heat of the tea. I think I want one of these glasses! The tea came with a green tea Hello Kitty cake. Cool!! ^_^

I ordered the Hello Kitty Poké which came with a free Hello Kitty soy sauce bottle that you are allowed to take… This is the only reason I got this dish. LOL! 
There were so many Hello Kitty shaped veggies, but the best thing is, is that it all tasted great! Rice was not over filled with sugar and vinegar (some places really go over the top with the vinegar and sugar). The salmon tasted fresh. The only thing I didn’t eat were the flowers as I didn’t realise they were edible.

I knew I needed a dessert too. I was already hot from all the walking around. I ordered the Matcha Berry Sundae.  Yatta!! やった!!
I enjoyed the rich green tea flavour in the ice cream but the sweetness of the strawberry syrup and the white chocolate and biscuits made the green tea flavour dissappear… Well, at least the dessert made up for the rest of the empty stomach. (^_^)b

This was one of the café’s I mistakenly went to in Soho…

And this is the other Tombo I ended up in. However they do sell the Hello Kitty merchandise!

A good experience in getting lost in London. I must say, even the geekiest Londoner gets lost in London!! Just don’t forget to go before it ends on October 8th!!!!!!!
Total came to £25.31 which included a service charge of £2.81.
My geeky rating: 5/5 (just being able to get lost and able to take pretty pictures was a good enough for a good rating)
Good points:
– Nice seating area, limited space
– Felt like I was placed into a Japanese environment
– Polite service
– Prices were reasonable

Bad points:
– Have none… I got a free Hello Kitty soy sauce bottle!! ^_^

Address: 4 Windmill St, W1T 2HZ

Tel: 0203 205 0001

Ibis Hotel – Gloucester

After looking at a bunch of places of AirBnB, it was decided by Mr Games that we should stay in a hotel… I can’t remember the price at the time he booked, but it was over £50 per night. We stayed for two nights.
Mr Games booked two rooms with double beds. There were no twin rooms available. 😦
From entering the hotel you got this canteen looking area.

I made sure Mr Games requested an extra duvet as I’m usually the victim of the other person taking the duvet. There was enough space for both Miss Money and I.

Shower was amazing! Toilet could have been a better option. Toilet roll could be placed somewhere more accessible.

The coffee drinkers (Mr Sensible, Miss Money and I) weren’t really impressed with the selection of coffees… the coffee machine outside at the breakfast buffet was more decent!
Overall the hotel was generally quiet. Even our neighbours hardly made any noise. You may hear someone’s shower or TV but it was ok. Could advise on another bin in the room as well…

Address: Corinium Ave, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3DG
Tel: 01452 623650