Ibis Hotel – Gloucester

After looking at a bunch of places of AirBnB, it was decided by Mr Games that we should stay in a hotel… I can’t remember the price at the time he booked, but it was over £50 per night. We stayed for two nights.
Mr Games booked two rooms with double beds. There were no twin rooms available. 😦
From entering the hotel you got this canteen looking area.

I made sure Mr Games requested an extra duvet as I’m usually the victim of the other person taking the duvet. There was enough space for both Miss Money and I.

Shower was amazing! Toilet could have been a better option. Toilet roll could be placed somewhere more accessible.

The coffee drinkers (Mr Sensible, Miss Money and I) weren’t really impressed with the selection of coffees… the coffee machine outside at the breakfast buffet was more decent!
Overall the hotel was generally quiet. Even our neighbours hardly made any noise. You may hear someone’s shower or TV but it was ok. Could advise on another bin in the room as well…

Address: Corinium Ave, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3DG
Tel: 01452 623650
Website: http://www.ibis.com/united-kingdom/index.en.shtml

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