Japan Centre – London Panton Street (is this the final move?)

よし!Alright! I’m hoping this is the final move for Japan Centre. Fingers crossed that we don’t have to keep travelling to find this Japanese store. I think I’ve encountered their four stores and three moves from when they were on Piccadilly Street to Regent Street St James’s to Shaftesbury Avenue and now Panton Street.
Stay where you are now Japan Centre! (Fingers crossed in the meantime).

As you enter you’ll see a food counter and a bit home-ware…

Liking the light bulb arrangement!

Then you go down some stairs and you’re greeted with a big food area and I feel the shopping area has gone a little smaller… maybe because lots of stock had gone beforehand. Hmmm.

On exiting to the till area, you’ll see a lot of raw meat, fish and a whole big section of sushi.
I’m trying to cut down on the rice, but that might not be possible if I came here all the time!! ^_^

Usually I spend a lot in Japan Centre, but on this day before the end of September I received a text message offering a discount! So in the end I spent under £15. So happy, but I think I should have bought more…. 😦 
Think the layout is not super great… The magazine section is right next to the takeaway hot food section – bit of a bother if you wanted to browse. 
The toilets are right next to the till areas, it means you have to pass the queue to get there… 
Maybe a re-layout needs re-thinking!!

At the end of this short visit, I decided not to eat in Japan Centre, but instead went to the neighboring Kanada-ya of Panton Street and tried out the expensive Destiny 2 Ramen. The waiter said it was super spicy… hmmm… I didn’t think so. Soup was quite bland too, so I wasn’t too impressed. Maybe I should have ordered something a bit salty. Oh well!

Address: 35b Panton St, London SW1Y 4EA
Tel: 020 3405 1246

2 thoughts on “Japan Centre – London Panton Street (is this the final move?)

  1. Not complaining about the toilets, just think the tills should be moved so that people won't have to pass right through the busy queue. Or somehow change the queuing layout of the food area and till area so that people can browse the meat/fish/snacks section.


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