Aizu Seimen Curry Ramen 合図製麺 カレーラーメン

I am a curry and ramen addict. I confess! ^_^
Bought this giant packet of Aizu Seiman brand Curry Ramen 合図製麺 カレーラーメン from Japan Centre. I was going round and round in circles trying to find things to buy, so I bought this. There was a dipping version, but opted the safer option where I wouldn’t splash myself with curry soup.
I was a bit upset with the Destiny 2 Ramen at Kanada-ya, so I hoped this packet of ramen would fill in an empty spot in my stomach.

The dried ramen doesn’t come in straight lines, instead they’re bent. I’m not sure of the reasons for this method of packing.

After cooking it came out like this… I think I should have added more water…

It tasted ok. Not too spicy. Wished I added more water to make it look more soupy. There’s enough for 1 person, but could be shared amongst two people.
Price: £4.68… Had a look at Japan Centre’s website, and looks like this was limited, and sold out! I think this packet of ramen is definitely worth the price by the amount of ramen give. ^_^
Wow!! It might expensive, but thankfully I had a chance to try this once!

Update 04/11/2017 – went to Japan Centre today, and they’re selling this in store (instead of online) including the dipping one… will blog about that one soon!

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